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3rd C-section Rss

Just wondering if there is anyone out there that is having a third c-section. I already had two and now pregnant with number three will have to go through it again, I am sorta of scared. Anyone?


I'm having my 3rd C-Section in October as I suffer High Blood pressure problems during my pregnancies so I'm at pretty high risk. With my 1st I had to have an emergancy C-S as had Pre-Eclampsia and I didn't come out of that CS very well at all, was so sick and felt dreadful. But with my 2nd it was a planned CS so I was more prepared to what to expect with the operation and came out of it so much better and felt great afterwards.

I'm hoping this time around also as I'll be prepared all will go well again. I do get a bit nervous as they are taking me down to theatre but last time I was no where as bad as I was with my 1st I was so frightened with my 1st as had never had an operation before and not even been in hospital before so it was kind of all very scary!!

How did you go with the 2 C-Sections you have had, did you come out of them very well?

Hi My name is Nat and I will be having my third c-section in July. I am pretty scared this time around too! My 1st c-section was a result of a 36hr labour and bub getting distressed and stuck so i had an emergency c-section to get him out, it was scary I was only 19 and never been in hospital before,I never thought I would need a c-section as mum had four kids inc twins and all easy quick labours! but I recovered really well. My 2nd c-section (6yrs later) was the result of going into labour 5 weeks early bubs was very distressed and I was already dilating with contractions 2 min apart when we went to hospital so another emergency c-section was ordered, I was admitted to hosp at 6pm and bub was out by 8.32pm! so it all happened very fast and was really frightning this was not a nice experiance as i felt them cut me!!!!!!!!! I had planned on trying a vbac! But again I wasn't sick after and recovered really well. Now I am curently 31wks pregnant and have been told I have no choice but to have another c-section, but because of my last experiance with the anesthict not working corretly or quickly enough I am pretty much scared out of my brain! My youngest is also only 19mnths old so worried about having c-section so close together. I have two scars one slightly above the other and am hoping that won't have to cut me from belly button down with this being my third c-section! Really sorry if this seems like a scary negative post it not's I'm just telling what happened to me.

I'm sorry to hear that you heamoraged after c-section,I can understand how scared you must be feeling! I wish you all the best smile

Take Care


Hi,I'm having my third c-section in three weeks time.My first c-section was an emergency @31 weeks, due to a placenta abruption three years ago with a son who sadly passed away.My 2nd c-section was 21months ago and have a beautiful daughter as a result.I'm due to have my third one in August.I'm looking forward to it as you can prepare yourself for the operation in advance and select your babies birthday.Getting over a c-section takes some time,but you heal so much quicker with the arrival of your adorable baby.You forget about everything else.

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