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Baby 2 weeks bigger Lock Rss

We had our morphology scan yesterday, my original due date was 19th February going by my LMP. This has since been altered a a couple of times, however, doctors have stayed with 19th February. But, after yesterday, the woman doing the scan said that he is growing quickly and instead of being at 20+4, the measurements put him at 22+4.
She said because his measurements are all consistent, it isn't an indication of a problem, it's probably just genes. But does this mean I will have a big baby at birth??? Kind of nervous lol. Waiting for our appointment next week to discuss the results but in the mean time, has anyone been in the same sort of situation?
Sounds like it's fine to me. Ultrasounds aren't exact and can be way off at times. My sister got told she was having 9 pound baby but she had a 7 pound one smile.

If there's some doubt over your conception date then it's possible you are a week ahead than what you thought so that may also explain it.

I wouldn't worry at all.

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