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when did you tell work you are pregnant? Lock Rss

I am just wondering when everyone told their work they were pregnant?

I am 14 weeks and 5 days...... I have been in my job over 2 years, and colleges in past at work, told work when they were 14 weeks.
I think it was around 18 weeks, I was under 12 weeks when the school term was ending. So I let them know when school went back in the beginning of Feb. If there wasn't that large holiday gap I would've told them around 14 weeks as I was unwell smile Tell your work when you are ready
I was 13 weeks when I told my work. I was very lucky in that the first trimester gave now indications to others that I was unwell. I was terribly nervous about telling my line manager so I told HR first which was very easy. Telling my line manager was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be, and I was so relived that I did.
I told to my boss around 10 weeks. It is good to tell them early so that they will replace your position.
I told my boss at 10 weeks - only because I had appointments to go to and didn't want to cause any friction about having to be out of the office so much.
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