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Finding Out You Were Pregnant Lock Rss

Sore breasts? Fatigue? Nausea? .... What was the first symptom you experienced, that gave you an inkling that you might be pregnant?


I was ravenous. Couldn't stop eating. And also noticed that my belly was protruding a bit more than usual which was weird because I was only about 4-6 weeks along. Took a test and it came up positive. smile
No period symptoms. With my fourth pregnancy I think my body was so clued in that I started feeling nauseous 2-3 days before my period was even due.
I craved chicken curry, its all I would eat twice a day for about a week and a half then it was corn flakes and now fairy bread. My son doesn't mind, I always make enough for the both of us.
Muscle type pain in arms/shoulders extending to breasts like been working out at gym but hadn't
I gagged while brushing my teeth! - has only ever happened for me in pregnancy
Nothing but Oporto's chicken cheeseburgers, maca's fries with big mac sauce n m&m mcflurry for dipping ????
My legs would get crazy itchy at night. I wanted to tear then off. It went away about 6w in this pregnancy. All my other pregnancies didn't last that long but 12w do far do good. Dr didn't believe me but after the 4th pregnancy that's my sign!
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