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Hormones in overdrive HELP Lock Rss

Hi everyone im about half way through week 6 of my first pregnancy so starting to feel the symptoms associated with the first trimester AARRGGHHH... I am finding my hormones especially hard to deal with as im normally such a level headed person. Now i find myself crying at nothing & acting like a crazy partner is amazing but I just feel terrible that his nice normal fiancé has turned into the anti-christ...any tips on controlling these wretched things haha PLEASE
Hey Kelsey I've found that too I let it all out cry for a bit & then im fine lol...weird isn't it...I've also been having really bad nightmares this week have you been experiencing vivid dreams ect?
Watch a sad movie. It will give you an excuse to cry, releasing tension built up in your body. I used to watch Beauty and the Beast. I always knew the Beast would be fine, but I always cried when he was 'killed'. Made me feel a lot better.
Throughout my pregnancy my fiancé called me 'She Devil'
Lovely I know lol
But I too would cry at little things, like I had my wisdom teeth coming through, and usually I'm good with pain and certainly wouldn't cry about a little tooth pain, but I did during pregnancy! I thought the world was coming to an end with every tiny thing that went wrong, which wasnt much mind you.
I found just being in a quiet place, with relaxing music helped me contain those hormonal spurts.
Also lots of rest and sleep is good!! Have you ver tried meditating? Sounds stupid but it's great for relaxation. I did that all through the later stages of my pregnancy, it's actually fun when you get the just of it. Your mind wanders and the possibilities are endless!!

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