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What have you been eating? Lock Rss

Hi ladies, hope you all are well.
Just wondering if there are ladies out there that have been eating things that are on the no-no list. Whether it be soft cheese, runny eggs, sushi, soft serve ice cream or processed meats, I'm not out here to judge anyone I'm just really curious.

I personally am not perfect, I've had some ham every now and again and the odd bit of pasteurised feta, sometimes even a softer egg if someone else cooks it for me (I find it hard to say no, sorry) . But I'm dying for a big chocolate sundae from mcdonald's, haven't been able to bring myself to have one though. I also won't drink coffee or alcohol.

Does anyone else find it really not having certain food products? And also I have heard that you can have soft cheese such as brie and Camembert as long as it's pasteurised, does anyone know if this is true?
Hi... In my last pregnancy I tried really hard to follow all the guidelines. However I found I developed a bit of a craving for McDonald's thickshakes (particularly during the second half of my pregnacy). Didn't occur to me until I was about 39 weeks pregnant that they were actually soft serve ice cream and I had one almost every day. Oops.

Oh yeah... Also had heaps of sushi thinking it was the raw fish you were supposed to avoid (so was having the vegetarian ones) until someone pointed out it was the pre-prepared cold food that was the problem (like salads).
I haven't had any coffee or alcohol, same as you, and have also avoided the no no foods except sushi. I only have sushi that doesn't have raw meat or seafood (also thinking that that would be ok.) but apparently its the pre-prepared cold food like "Makalu" said in her reply. There are sushi places that make it fresh though so I wonder if that's ok?
Hey there, when I was pregnant I ate everything, but in moderation. I had all sorts of deli meat in sandwiches, I ate prawns (well cooked) I ate the pre packaged salads from coles and woollies, I did have a Macca's ice cream two or three times during my whole pregnancy. I asked my doctor about this and he told me as long as I didn't eat heaps of the no no foods it would be fine. Just a small amount won't hurt.
My mum told me too and she has had four kids, back when she was pregnant with us kids (I'm 25 so 25 years ago) there wasnt any rules on what you could or couldn't eat while pregnant so this is somthing that has happened recently and she ate everything while pregnant too. She was amazed when I showed her the list of the things I "couldn't" eat. So yeah I had 2 very healthy baby boys and ate everything in moderation. And I love runny eggs. I had a lot of them while pregnant. Probably one or two each weekend. I didnt even know you weren't supposed to.

Hey! I was eating the occasional slice of ham in my sandwich, the biggest issue with listeria is mainly from items 'sitting there' in the deli fridge for a bit too long so I used to buy the pre-packaged ham (the one in the twin packs for example). I figured that the risk may be lower as normally they vacuum seal them after slicing, but that was my logic smile smile I had a tiny winy glass of wine on a couple of occasions diluted with soda water and a slice of lemon (spritzer) and the occasional coffee. I was a lot stricter in my first pregnancy and used to 'zap' the ham in the microwave for 30 seconds tongue But I guess, if you know where is something coming from and if it's fresh, then I would go with it smile Sometimes too many restrictions can send you crazy!!
You need to work out the risk you want to take.

After trying to get pregnant for 2.5 years giving up a few things for nine months hasn't really been much of a sacrifice for me. The risks are very low of having anything happen from eating the foods but for me the risk wasn't worth taking. Particularly when it comes to preprepared foods, you often don't know when it was made, who made it and if it has been kept at the right temperature.

When it comes to salad stuff I just make my own and make sure I wash it all first.

I eat things like ham on pizza or toasted sandwich, as it is being heated, but I always buy the 'pre-packaged' stuff rather then from the deli section of the shops as you never know how long the stuff in the deli has been there and I have seen it sit out after being cut.

The soft serve ice-cream was easy to avoid. The biggest issue with that is if the machine isn't cleaned properly and know the age of those doing it I have just had regular ice-cream when I want ice-cream rather then going the soft serve.
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