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98th percentile measurement Lock Rss

I am currently 28 weeks but at my 20 week scan, my son's head and abdomen were measuring 2 weeks larger and both on 98th percentile.
Midwife and doc don't seem worried but what does this mean? I'm waiting a growth scan on Friday but has anyone ever had this before?? My husband and I are only small lol 5'5 and 5'7 but they are saying it could be genes from my dad's side as his relatives are all very tall.

My son had a head circumference at 98% and abdo at 95% on the 20week scan and I was also told not to worry about it. My son was born perfectly healthy.

Only think is I'd recommend getting another scan in late pregnancy to check if bub's head is still big. I did (for other reasons) and again was told 98 percentile head. My midwife again said don't worry as people have been having babies with big head for centuries and it turns out that they were wrong. At birth my baby had a 39cm head circumference (average is 34.5cm) and those extra cm made a huge difference for me. I don't usually tell people who are pregnant what actually happened as I don't think that's helpful to know about, but definitely make sure you have a conversation with your midwife about potential risks of birthing a baby with a big head so that you're fully informed of what it could mean for you (unless you're planning a caesarean in which case won't matter at all).

At this stage in pregnancy its not something to worry too much about. I would be getting a growth scan later in pregnancy. There is a possible issue of complications with babies that are one the large side but I would definitely discuss this with your dr. My bub was on the 98th percentile at 39 weeks. He was born at 40weeks no complications. Just remember that while those scans are helpful they are not 100% accurate.

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