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Toblerone chocolate Lock Rss

May just be overly worried but I just ate a few pieces of tolberone and only realizing it contains egg whites. No idea if these eggs are raw or not. Is it safe to eat?
Thank you
I ate eggs all the way thru my pregnancys. It's fine to eat eggs. They're supposed to be fully cooked and have hard yolks but I still Ate them runny in the middle. I wouldn't worry at all about the chocolate.
I think your just being overly worried. My rule is you can eat anything in moderation, I ate prawns and deli meat and all the no no foods. Just in moderation. And I had 2 healthy babys. I seriously wouldn't worry.

I think we all naturally worry I ordered a chocolate mouse which to my horror at the time had booze and raw egg in and all was ok. I generally followed the guidelines all of my pregnancy but sure I made the odd slip ups and all was ok .
I helped my son lick the beaters when we made his birthday cake and I'm making rocky road for christmas which has raw egg in the base. I'm not missing out on my rocky road for anyone (Sorry bub) It's just too good.
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