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Spinal measurements Lock Rss

Hi, I was told at my 19week scan my baby's spine measures 6cm, which is a little long, it should be 5cm. Then the doctor said they measured wrong. Should I be worried? What does it mean for baby if the spine is alittle long? Thanks in advance.
I don’t think it should matter a lot. Main reason for checking is that all the vertebrae are in alignment, the skin covers the spine at the back and the baby’s abdominal wall covers all the internal organs at the front. If all this checks are good then no need to worry.

There are some abnormality related to spine in which baby’s spine does not develop (Spina bifida) and other is occult spinal dysraphism, in which spine may be connected to the surface of the skin, which increases the risk of bacterial infection and meningitis. So make sure there are no such abnormalities.
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