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12 Week scan scary results Lock Rss

heya , I'm 26 and 14 weeks pregnant.had my 12 week scan 2 weeks ago and they couldn't detect a nasal bone and the nt fluid was 2.8 -2.9 mm ..Bubs was moving a lot ( I've never seen such an active bubs) that I feel it was harder for her to get a clear shot of its profile/ measurements.. they've given me a 1:55 chance of ds which has got me worried ofcorse. I had a 2nd scan today at 14 weeks and they detected the nasal bone now but said they don't go off today's scan so it stayed at 1:55 so gave me a consultation about a cvs and a Amnio....I have said no for now but really might find it hard to relax the rest of this pregnancy not knowing but don't want to risk miscarriage.has any other mums been in this situation ...Google is only helping so much haha.
Have you thought about getting a harmonytest done. It's just a blood test. It is very accurate and non invasive but you have to pay for it.
Yes they mentioned this option but didn't say much about it but I've read up on it so we are going to go with it...just deciding if we want to do it now or wait until our anatomy scan and see what they say then probably do it then.definitly safer option
At my 12 week scan, they said there was a 1:24 chance of Downs. So I did the NIPT (harmony) - Genea was the lab that did the test,, the blood was collected at a branch of Sydney Ultrasound for Women). the test cost around $450 and the result came back in a week (no downs). No risk to baby, and very accurate (from memory around 99.5%).Good luck!
I'm 23 and first pregnancy When I had my 12 week scan it seemed fine the nt measured at 2.1, then my bloods came back and my PAPP-A hormone was very low, so I was told I have a 1-225 chance of ds. I was told the options as I'm a very anxious person I couldn't not do nothing so I had the harmony test done, I would completely recommend this over the amnio (chance of miscarriage) all they did was take some blood and I had to wait about a week for results, it's rules out any chromosomal problems for trisomy 13,18 and 21 these test confirmed that I'm now low risk.
I was 12 week pregnant then miscarriage happen to us. I contacted for ivf procedure and they guided us in well manner to proper take care.
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