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Freaking out mumma-to-be here! Rss

Hi, I am getting a little paranoid and wondering if anyone on here can help please. I have just found out I am about 4 weeks pregnant. I wasn't trying, so not expecting this. I have been eating all the things you shouldn't eat whilst pregnant and so now I am really concerned. Within this last week I had 2 salami and fetta rolls! both ingredients are not recommended while pregnant, and naughtily enough there was a lot of salami and a lot of fetta on them, plus eating salami on the side whilst making them. I know this is so bad for you in general but I ate them while I was pregnant and didn't know so now I am freaking out a bit. Plus I have had soft serve icecream from Maccas within the last 2 weeks. And to top if off I had 2 cans of coke yesterday and I never drink it as it is just so bad for you, but it was a hot day and I wanted the cold fizz. (I know, my diet looks impressive to you all smile smile lol). I have a carefree diet normally. I usually eat healthy (except this last month) but have no issues having a bit of junk when I feel like it, but unfortunately I felt like junk a lot in the last few weeks, unaware that I am at the very start of pregnancy. I am one to follow the book and not take any medication or eat any food that isn't deemed 100% safe for baby, so now I am worried. What do you all think? Is this as bad as I feel it could be? Also I haven't started pregnancy vitamins yet, will be getting them tomorrow, but in my other pregnancies I was taking these vitamins prior to conceiving. I am just so concerned as my diet has been really bad lately and the fact that I have crammed in all the 'not safe' foods into the last few weeks has really freaked me out. sad sad
I will probably get hated for this but oh well, the food restrictions are more of a recommendation than a rule. I was eating spinach and ricotta rolls all the way through my pregnancy, drank cola and ate cold chicken. Sure there could be consequences but I was REALLY craving chicken curry and sour cream. I didn't change my diet at all and my baby girl came out perfect.
Because people don't really know they're pregnant until about 5 weeks, in the early stages of development. If it really mattered that much then people who ever intended to have children would never eat anything you're not 'supposed' to eat for fear they would fall pregnant.
Basically, you'll be fine smile
Thank you. I know what I wrote probably sounds silly, but I only just found out and so I started to freak about everything I have done that I wouldn't have done if I knew I was pregnant. Thank you for helping to ease my mind, have been stressing over it a bit too much and I can't get my friends to knock sense into me just yet. Thank you Buste_Xx smile
I had a bit of a surprise pregnancy too, but luckily at the time I was on a special diet, so was eating all the right things anyway. But if I wasn't on the diet I would have totally been in the same boat as you. I agree with Buste_Xx as well though that a lot of the things are definitely guidelines, over the top just to be extra cautious. I'd still stick away from raw meat and eggs, the obvious danger zones, but a pepperoni pizza won't kill you!
All the best!
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