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First GP Appointment and ultrasound Lock Rss

?Hey mamas! I'm now 5 weeks pregnant and have my first GP appointment today. I have already had HCG tested (due to family who work in medicine). What can I expect for the first appointment? Will they refer for a dating scan (6-8 weeks)? What other things will the GP typically do?


Hey Rach! Congratulations! I'm also 5wks (I think) & had my first GP appt in the weekend. They just reconfirmed the pregnancy by doing another test, weight/height check, abdominal check, chatted through diet/nutrition and the process of choosing a midwife, and assigned me a full set of bloods to have taken. Because my dates are also a bit screwy (LMP was mid feb, so hard to know when I conceived) I've also been referred for a dating scan.

Hope that helps! Feel free to join the "due Jan 2017" group too!
Can I suggest you get a scan as early as you can? At 5-6 weeks, a scan will show if your pregnancy is in the right spot. I didn't do this and I had an ectopic pregnancy that nearly killed me. I had no symptoms and no reason to think I was in any danger. I don't know why doctors make you wait until 8 weeks for the first ultrasound. You can tell them you want a scan and they cannot refuse. Sorry to be a bit of a downer but I'm hoping to raise awareness. I hope you both have successful pregnancies with no issues at all. But I felt like I needed to mention this.
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