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2 baby heart beats or 1? 9 weeks Rss

Hi ladies I'm 9 weeks with baby number 4. The last few days I've been able to find baby's heart beat , in one very tiny spot in the middle , a slight move and I loose it . It's between 150-170 so definitely baby and not my heart beat . Today I've found the heart beat but instead of it being super tricky to get the exact tiny spot and hold it there , today I can find an inch away from finding seconds prior . I have not had an ultrasound there is no twins in either family . Is the baby just high to the surface and easy to locatio on a large area or is the twins ? I'm use to having to hold it so precise and difficult to maintain that exact spot.
My morning sickness is worse then my other 3 children but no vimiting just really close . My belly honestly sticks out like 6 months . I'm 70 kilo . And 165 . I'm solid . Not fat but not thin .
What do you ladies think ?
Pretty certain there's one baby and one heart beat smile
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