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How fast were your labours? Lock Rss

Hi ladies just wondering how long your labours were ? Your hours not the midwife "established length" I'm due feb and hoping it will be quick . Arnt they meant to get quicker the more you have ..
Ds1- 48+ hours 11yrs old
Dd- 7 hours 8 years old
Ds2- 27 hours 3 years old
Due feb ?

All babies were born 5 days earlier then the due date

Mine definitely got quicker each time smile

DS1, 2010, 6 hours
DS2, 2013, 3.5 hours
DS3, March 2016, 1.5 hours!!
I was extremely lucky to have such quick, natural, drug free labours smile

DS1 was 4 days 'overdue', DS2, 9 days 'early', DS3, 5 days 'early'

Good luck xx
Hi , wow they all were pretty quick ! I hope I'm as lucky as you this time around and it's quick smile xx
DS1 4hours 39 weeks (2008)
DD 2 hours 39 weeks (2012)
DS2 2 hours 37.1 weeks (2013)
DS3 8 hours 38 weeks (2015)

All drug free

last one was sideways( wrong angle) first midwife didn't tell us, change of midwife she told me, went to toilet (emptied bladder) baby born less than 5 mins later, if the first midwife was more present it would have been a lot faster(possible 5hrs).

Water broke as head came out also, another reason he was my longest as with first 3 water broke before contractions started.
Hi there,

I was lucky enough to have really quick labours. Both drug free. Had my first one at home because there wasn't enough time to get to the hospital. I just made it to the hospital in time for my second one.

DD1 - 30mins
DS2 - 45mins
My first was 38 hours (posterior baby)
Second was only 1 1/2 hours.
I'm ecpecting my third now and am a littler nervous as to how this labour will go
I had fast labors with both of mine,and very easy pregnancys.
Konrad, 42+, 1hr44 hes now 4
Elliot, 40+4, 1hr 15, she is 6mths and a water birth (frickin amazing fyi).
Both only had gas for about 10 mins
I am currently 6 weeks with my 3rd
Which seems to be the worst so far, ive had every bad possible symptom, it sucks but hopefully everything will be ok
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