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Confession time - what pregnancy rules did you break? Lock Rss

Pregnancy brings with it so many rules - no alcohol, no sushi, no unpasteurized anything....but we are all human, and sometimes the rules are broken....We've just come across this Reddit thread and would love ot hear from you - what forbidden things have you done in your pregnancy?

Ps: leave your judgement at the door for this thread - it's designed to make us all feel better about the tiny rules we break and remind us we are all human smile
Smoothies using frozen yogurt from a soft serve machine twice! I know I know! I also haven't washed ALL my fruit and veg every time...shock horror!
During my first pregnancy once I broke the most important rule that I swore that I will never do while being pregnant and breastfeeding. I have smoked weed few time and I am feeling very guilty. I have never talked to anyone before and just on the confession forums could share my thought become calm and get rid of bad thought
with it so many rules
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