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IVF first time pregnant January 2018 Baby Lock Rss


After trying for over 2 years I recently went through IVF and got the positive I have been praying for.
I don't know if anyone can help or anything but just thought i would put it out there. I am 5 weeks 1 day and my fertility clinic started weaning me off the progesterone at 4 weeks 4 days. On all the forums I have read everyone seems to be on it a lot longer so I'm a little concerned as I had my last one today.
They have also sent me for a third blood test despite saying that everything was good. (Hcg levels increasing and obviously my progesterone levels were high enough to be taken off).
I guess I'm just worried things will go wrong and need some reassurance? Has anyone else been through similar?I
Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks ????
Congrats on your pregnancy.
I'm pregnant with an IVF baby too. I was on progesterone from around 4.5 weeks until 10 weeks because blood tests showed that my levels were really, really low. When I went off it, I was scared that I would miscarry but I haven't and I'm 16 weeks along now.
If your blood tests are showing that your level is ok, I would trust them. They will keep monitoring your blood for a few more weeks just to make sure (they did with me). If it starts to drop, they will put you back on it again.

I'm currently 17 weeks with a IVF baby and took progesterone until about 6 weeks from memory. I had my first blood test at 4 weeks, then 5 & 6 weeks. My progesterone was a little low at 5 weeks so my FS told me to stay on it until my next BT...the numbers jumped massively then and I went off it 'cold turkey'.

I had no issues when i went off it, congrats on your pregnancy.
Thanks for replying ladies! You have made me feel better. Guess I just have to keep hoping it all goes well..

Congrats to both of you too!
Hi.. I got married in May 2012. The next month I became pregnant. I wasn't expecting it. I had implantation spotting on the day my period was expected so I didn't think about it. I thought it was my normal period. Write My Assignment Cheap The following month i.e July, I had extremely bad morning sickness, fatigue. I used to get up at 7 so if I don't have anything within half n hour I used to feel dizzy and like I was about to vomit. I used to feel hungry.. As soon as I finish having lunch I used to feel hungry again.. Then my mom said I should take a test. Then I did n I got a big fat positive. I was 10 weeks pregnant….smile
Congratulations Kriss i am currently 13 weeks with a IVF baby and took progesterone until about 6 weeks from memory. Good Luck
Congratulations! My sister is pregnant with IVF baby) 20 weeks
Hi there. I hope everything is going great. It's great that you went for IVF and had success. I would suggest just have faith. Everything will be okay. I hope you get your happiness. Good Luck.
Thought that I best update. So we ended up losing our wee man at 8 and a half weeks with a mmc. We saw his heart beating at 7 and a half but stopped at the next scan and I needed D&C which is how we know it was a boy through the histology report.
We tried again with a frozen embryo but had another miscarriage at almost 6 weeks.

We have been lucky that our third attempt has resulted in another pregnancy, which funnily enough is due on the same day we said goodbye to our first and is a boy. It has been a hard road with multiple haemorrhages but it seems like he is determined to stick around and I am now over 25 weeks.

I hope that everyone that is going through a fertility journey gets their miracle baby xx
Ohh. I am really sorry to hear that. i can only imagine your pain. IVF procedure is really frustrating. Hope you are doing fine. iam really happy to know that you have not given up. We will keep supporting you. We are here for you. Good Luck!
Congratulations on your pregnancy after that long.
I'm sharing my journey of Surrogacy with you.So someone seeking for it will have some help.
I'm basically from Japan we are settled in Japan from past few years.We are happily married.I'm totally infertile now as i had hysterectomy cancer and as i result i am infertile now. But my husband was there with me every time. Than we searched about surrogacy and found it best solution for us.
As Japan has banned surrogacy so we moved to Europe to find our dream come true.Than we moved to Ukraine as we heard there are many good clinics regarding surrogacy in Ukraine.In Ukraine we found BioTexCom and consulted them.They helped us to find a good surrogate mom.Now she is pregnant with our twin daughters.We are very excited about having two daughters.We are so thankful to the clinic.The surrogates mom are kind they let us have our dream come true.
Share your stories too
I'm also struggling to TTC for past 10 yeras.Just like you i m also worried about the age limit and it really is stressful.I have tried IUI and IVF but there was no luck with them.A friend of mine gave me the idea of surrogacy and she recommended me BioTexCom.I will surely go for it as all of other options are disclosed in my case.You better should research about surrogacy and should visit some clinics regarding surrogacy.As for me i will go for surrogacy ultimately i dont have any other option left.I have contacted this clinic in Ukrine and soon i will do it before its too late. If anybody has an opinon about this kindly guide me.

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