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Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) -can someone help me to interpret the results? Lock Rss

My wife has been just diagnosed as gestational diabetes at 28-29 weeks following OGTT test (2-hour test) in the hospital in Logan area, QLD. This is our first baby and she is 35 years old, but really healthy.
Following the test results, the hospital staff contacted us, and met for an urgent appointment with a diabetes educator and a dietitian already.
It was quite surprising to us that my wife became diagnosed as such while she was maintaining a really healthy diet and fitness with full time job. So I asked to view the actual lab results. Here are the readings and (upper max).
Initial reading after fasting: 4.5mmol/L (why the 3rd reading is elevated from 2nd reading? Unless my wife has super snail speed of slow metabolism to uptake sugar to her blood stream, is it actually possible? Even the upper Maxs recommended above are 10 and 8.5 respectively.

After researching all scientific aspects of GD and nutritional information, I am hoping for someone to clarify if the test results are even valid. The diabetes educator could not answer my query but commented that the results were odd.

Blood glucose monitoring also indicates that without much effort, she is well within the recommended 5.1 to 6.8mmol/L range throughout the day.

I have learned to question some dubious analytical data from lab results as errors can occur. I am a lab analyst (non-clinical) so I should know the error can happen.

Can someone please shine some lights this subject? any technical information would be very helpful.

I only see the initial reading in your post not the 2nd and 3rd reading so not sure what they were.

It doesn't matter how fit and healthy a person is, they can develop GD. I guess if your wife is concerned about the result why doesn't she just do the test again? That will confirm if it was an error.

Lastly it's not going to do any harm following a diabetic diet (in fact it's probably better for her anyway) so personally I'd just follow the recommendations and happily record perfect BGLs if that's what she's getting.

Hope that helps.
GD doesn't just go after overweight women, anyone can get it no matter how healthy they are.
I've got it now and like her my levels are easy to maintain without any effort. They'll only rise if I eat something sugary like cake. I had it with my first pregnancy too and questioned it then because I didn't believe it.
I see it as a blessing in disguise because at least now I am being extra healthy.

here are the readings for OGTT, which were left out.
Initial reading after fasting: 4.5mmol/L (<8.5)
Initial reading after fasting: 4.5mmol/L, - less than 5.1 recommended.
glucose drink then 1 hour later: 8.5mmol/L -less than 10 recommended
another 1 hour later: 9.7mmol/L -less than 8.5
Following the visit to the hospital, she now carries the diabetic kit and monitor the blood sugar levels and so far all BG readings are within the recommended range for non-diabetic people even without trying to alter our diets.
Since then, we conducted a small experiment ourselves to validate the initial test results by mimicking OGTT.
After fasting overnight, my wife took measurement of BG and drank a soft drink with sugar content of 47g/375mL (similar to glucose drink) and took BG measurement every 15-20min intervals for 2 hours. The purpose was to plot the BG level against time to determine when the BG would peak maximum and to verify if obtaining a higher BG at 2 hour than 1 hour is remotely possible in her condition as per the previous hospital's OGTT results.
It was revealed that her BG was peaked the highest at 47min after the drink and rapidly decreased to 5.8 within 2 hours.
Based on this, I will be seeking the second test to be conducted. Having controlled diet is not a bad thing, but controlling what she eat routinely for wrong reason also has adversely effect by not supplying not enough energy to her body.
Could people let me know if any technical information is available?
Hi Daniel,
Was just wondering what the outcome was with your wife’s GDM as I had almost identical readings for my OGTT and so far no high readings at home without much adjustment to my normal diet.
Thank you
Dear Bethburns,
I am not sure what GDM is.
Anyway, she was offered a second test, this time she passed with flying colours. But the hospital insisted that she should be treated as diabetes because apparently the new results doesn't make the old results wrong. So until the end of pregnancy, her glucose level never went up and she also had to be deprived of her normal diet.
Now my baby is gluttonous!!!!
Great research project - "Side Effects of Gestational diabetic pregnant having strict diet control - what happens to the baby's behavior regard to the feeding."
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