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Exhausted Lock Rss

I am 12 wks preg with my 3rd. This pregnancy is nothing like my last 2. This one is horrible. Awful. I am exhausted. Fully exhausted. I wake up tired and cant even function. Everything i do feels as if i have just ran a marathon. Please tell me it gets better? Or is there anything i can do to help try and boost my energy levels? I honestly want to quit work right now. Im at the point where im regretting wanting a 3rd. If i knew it was going to be so different and hard compared to my last 2 pregnancies that were a total breeze then i wouldnt have gone for another.
I had a really tuff pregnancy. Week 9-14 was the worst but did improve over time. I was away from work for 50% off the time. If you can’t do it, ask for time off. Don’t feel guilty. 39 weeks now I am!
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