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hey! I would say that in a standard IVF the fertilized egg is placed in the womb of the biological mother. during the procedure, the mother is given injections to produce multiple eggs. With the help of operation, mother’s eggs are extracted outside her body. it is a bit complicated procedure with some risks too. While in surrogacy, the fertilized egg is not placed in the womb of the biological mother, but in a surrogate. It is a long process but the success rate is also higher than IVF. Surrogate mother raises your baby in her womb (rented womb) for 9 months. You don't have to go through much pain. But the decision is yours. You are the one to decide. I hope this is useful. Best of luck!
Hey. Don't worry about it. Children are a great blessing. But sometimes it's not in luck. Don't take stress everything will be fine. If you cannot conceive a child you have many other options like surrogacy, IUI and IVF. Don't think this is an unnatural way. This is the only way you can have your own babies, and the clinic in Europe is the best clinic for it. I wish you the best of luck.
Hello Andie! How are you doing? I hope you are fine. Well, Dear, you should not worry about it so much. IVF is a good treatment for infertile couples nowadays. You should try this if you think that you have the ability to carry your baby. There is not so much pain through this process. Just some injections you will get for the egg stimulation. But IVF not goes well in all cases in the end. I am infertile and my doctor has suggested me for surrogacy. I and my husband are planning for surrogacy. This is the best and safe solution for infertile couples in the end. My good wishes are with u. God bless u!
Hey! I'm sorry you're in this situation. However, it's not a total loss because you can conceive the baby yourself through assistive means. I think IVF will be good for you. It takes time to get a success so don't let that bring you down. I sincerely hope all goes well! Good luck with it!
Hey Andie, hope youre good now. I know infertility can be very hard. So you have to be very strong. This journey will break you down. It will also tear your self esteem down. But you have to never give up. Situations like these can lead to disagreements between couples. So you both must hear eachother out. Now to answer your question, yes IVF is painful. In my opinion it is a hassle. I suggest that you choose surrogacy. But both work fine as long as your doctor is not an idiot. So i would sugest that you choose the clinic in Ukraine. Their doctors are so professional and learned. It is amazing to see the command they hold over their field of expertise. The best thing is that the treatments are highly affordable due to their deals and packages.
I don't know much about IV. But, IVF really has good results in some cases. So, glad to hear you're going for it. I'm also undertaking a surrogacy process soon. Can't wait any longer. Anyway! Keep us updated! I can't wait to see you conceiving. good luck.
Hello! I'm sad you're in this circumstance. In any case, it is anything but an aggregate misfortune since you can conceive the child yourself through assistive means. I figure IVF will be beneficial for you. It requires time to get a win so don't let that disappoint you. I earnestly trust all goes well! Good fortunes with it!
So sorry to hear about your infertility issue. I know how hard it can be to deal with I have also been through it. IVF is indeed a good process and the chances of success are high but it is not a sure shot. There is no guarantee that it will work and just so we are on the topic let me tell you that it is painful but it is the only way to get pregnant for you. Much support.
Don't waste your time on IVF. You must go for surrogacy. IVF success rate is low as compared to surrogacy. There is a clinic in Europe. They are best in dealing with surrogacy. You should go there. Trust me you won't regret your decision. Rest is your choice. Lots of support to your way.
Yes, right decision matters a lot. We can not blame others for our failure. Successes and failures are entirely our own responsibility. Therefore, we should always take a decision after an extensive research. Your post comprises of many questions. I will give you an honest advise to go for surrogacy rather than IVF. IVF’s success rate varies from person to person. We are not sure that it will give us positive results or not. Whereas, surrogacy has proved to be successful so far. I have a good news for you. Surrogacy team of Biotexcom is organizing an open house event. It would be really helpful for people. The doctors are really supportive and polite. It is the best clinic I know. You should attend this event. Don’t miss this precious chance. Go and get your registration and join their page for further updates. All the best.
Hello there. How are you doing? I would like to say that both Surrogacy and IVF are great alternatives. But choice if the method depends on your condition. Also, the choice of the clinic is really veey important. I had 3 IVFs. All were here in the US. But all failed. Then we decided to have Surrogacy. And now we are parents. I hope it will go well for you too. Best wishes and love.
Hi there. I hope you are doing good. I read your post. IVF is really risky for women above age 33. I tried 2 IVF cycles. They failed, unfortunately. The method that worked for me was surrogacy. I hope my advice helps. Take care.
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