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Ultrasound Rss

Has any had their 6 week vaginal ultrasound yet?
Just put probe in vagina.
They do that at 6 weeks? I thought they only did that towards the end if they need a clearer image.
I just had my first in January and never had a vaginal scan.
Hello all.I had a transvaginal ultrasound at 5weeks.In this scan, the heartbeat was not clear.But I was assured of something happen differently for me.It's not confirmed and hard and fast rule that all the things are better and positive.sometimes HCG level is dropping and this situation may case m/c.and I am perfectly 14 weeks pregnant with no issue.tmie is not always stay positive and be strong.
When I went for my first scan back at 6w 3d I had a transvaginal scan (as the external ultrasound over my tummy didn't show anything clearly enough for the technician).

They didn't put the probe in very far, in fact, I was allowed to insert it myself and the technician advised it only needed to go in about 1-2cm so wasn't deep / uncomfortable / painful at all.

The transvaginal scan was able to show us baby's sac, and her little heartbeat too!
Happy to know that you are pregnant. I am really looking forward to being too. My DH and I are TTC for almost 4 months. No good news yet. But I hope we will be conceiving soon. I just wanted to wish you luck for your baby.
You will be having a nice and healthy baby soon.
Wishing you luck and happiness in future.
Hey, I am happy that you are expecting.It's really happy because I am on the same path.I am 6 weeks pregnant.I am so happy and excited to welcome my baby.I knew it's too long but I hope it will pass soon and there is everything was quite positive.First time in this condition.I was too much excited and enjoying a lot every moment of my pregnancy.Wish me luck that I get success until at the end.
Hi, I just had my 8 week vaginal ultrasound, and now I can hear my baby’s heartbeat
Hi, are you required to have an ultrasound after birth?
Hi, are you required to have an ultrasound after birth?
Hi, are you required to have an ultrasound after birth?
I had ultrasound only on my tummy with this machine . As far as I know it's not recommended to do transvaginal scan if you are pregnant. It doesn't give you a clear image. Therefore, my advice is don't do it.
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