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14 weeks Lock Rss

Hey all this is my first post. I am 14 weeks pregnant. Post your due date below or comment below
Hey congratulation to you and your husband. You are blessed to have a baby in your life. As many women are facing difficulties to have a baby in their life. As many women are going through from difficult phase of their life. You are having a baby, so try to understand the importance of having a baby in your life. You have to take of your body. And do consult your doctor on regular basis. This is very important for you if you want to have a baby in your life.
Hey there. How are you doing? I hope everything is great. This is really heartwarming to hear. It must feel good I imagine. I can't really give birth. However it wonderful to see someone so happy. I wish you good luck. I hope everything goes as you want.
I’m going well
Hi there! This is definitely a fun post. Sadly, I am not able to conceive. I do not have a uterus. I lost it to cancerous polyps. However, I resorted to surrogacy and got my little girl. It's been amazing. Hoping to go in again soon. I'll definitely post the due date then! Ahh, so excited!
Hi Carly, Congratulations ! I am also pregnant with number 4 at 39 years old.Very excited but nervous to,due in November smile
Hello.Wawoo congrats.Really happy to know that you are pregnant and 14 weeks.I am too much glad that you had this great news.I am not near to due date.Recently, I had to deliver my baby.He is now 5 months old.Pregnancy is the great and nice time.I am enjoining every moment of my pregnancy.At the starting point, I am facing some difficulties but later on, I am free from these circumstances.Children are the great blessing, nothing is above than that.Everyone has the desire and right to have the children in life.I really want and wish that every woman had a great time during pregnancy.I wish you all the best to all the ladies.Stay healthy and blessed.
Carlypreggo01 wrote:
Hey all this is my first post. I am 14 weeks pregnant. Post your due date below or comment below

Hey, how are you? This is an amazing news. Congratulations on being pregnant. Being able to conceive is a woman's dream. You're lucky that destiny brought this to you. Not everyone is as lucky as you are. I'm facing infertility and it's very hard to cope up with it. I've been TTC for so long. Nothing seems to work for me. I have totally lost hope now to conceive naturally. I think I'm very unfortunate in this matter. I wish this all never happened to me. What have I ever done? Why does this all happen to me? This makes me so depressed and stressed. I need some support. How can I come out of this depression? How should I make myself stressless?
Hi there. I am so happy for you. That is a great news. You're so lucky to have it the easy way. Otherwise, it's very hard to deal with infertility. This comment is for all those people who deal with it. Don't give up guys. You'll get there. Just hold on and hope for the best. I myself had two MCs and after that I had lost all hope. My doctor told me I was infertile. This broke me. But then I came across the concept of surrogacy. And went for it. Now I've a baby boy that I love with all my heart. So I just wanna say that it's okay if it feels like everything is over, trust me it's not. You can go for alternatives. Just have faith in yourself. Good luck ladies.
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