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14 weeks Lock Rss

Hey there! How are you? I hope you are doing great. You must be. You are pregnant. This is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Good luck dear. I am happy for you. Lots of love.
Carlypreggo01 that’s nice. I am happy for you. you are finally got your pregnancy. Congratulations dear. May you have a successful delivery. Your baby may live and born with a great and good health. As you are asking about our due then I would like to say that we don’t get anything yet. We are still having TTC. But believe me whenever I saw those women getting pregnancy it enhances my confidence. I always scared to do things first time in my life. But transferring you to my good news soon. Then I will expect about my due date. Well, leave it to tell me how’s are you feeling in this condition.? Is it a special feeling or just a tragic feeling.? Inform us about your views about it. hoping for your good answer that may help others.
Hello. Hope you're in good health. Congratulations on getting pregnant! I hope the rest of the procedure goes well. I'm not expecting. I'll be going for surrogacy, soon. Really happy for you. Good luck! smile
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