Hi all! We are due with our 3rd baby on 2nd October and up until now everything has been pretty normal!

Two nights ago at 13 +3 weeks I woke in the middle of the night wet with fluids. I panicked and went to sit on the toilet only to hear a ‘pop’ and gush of fluid and blood. Terrified I assumed the worst and rushed to Emergency.

There the Dr prepared me for the worst saying he believed I was having a miscarriage and that ‘these things happen’.
I was referred to get an ultrasound outside of the hospital later that day to confirm but had to wait 10 long hours from admission to ultrasound.

Arriving at the ultrasound I expected the worst so when she told us ‘normal baby, looks completely fine, heart rate is good, still has plenty of fluid around it.’ we were both incredibly shocked! They found the source of the bleed; a 4-5cm pocket of blood from a tear in my uterine wall. But they are unsure of whah caused it. They could not see any rupture of the waters and are unsure where the fluid came from.

While I am totally over the moon baby is happy and healthy in there; I am absolutely terrified of this happening again. Google has shown me PPROM (preterm premature rupture of membranes) but no one mentioned that’s what happened to me.

Has anyone had a similar experience with little to no explanation?
Comparing ultrasound images from a week and a half ago to this ultrasound it does appear to me that there is less fluid around baby. But they couldn’t detect a rupture or leak.

Just wanted to hear from anyone with similar experience and how things progressed for them... thanks!