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PCOS And IVF Lock Rss

Hellere02 wrote:
Hi there. Well PCOS and IVF do come along. I have heard this is the best solution for it. I have read many reviews for it. Though there is still chance that it might result in failure. I am not scaring you. Just mentally preparing you. Nothing is as easy as it looks. It is affordable in Europe. There are many clinics there. They are amazing. They even provide accommodation. Food is included too. Legal processes are taken care of. In short the short the whole package is great. Look up for them. Best of luck with it.Many prayers

Hey! No that's fine. At first, let me say thank you for sharing your thoughts. This is amazing how you guys often show up at times and made others feel good and encourage at the same time. Yeah, I too have experienced multiple cases where some had successful treatment. But at the other point, some had to face failure. But this is the time when the question came to mind. If not IVF then whats next? Of course surrogacy. Because how many numbers of times the women would have to go round the same thing and what if it again resulted in failures.
Though this case or this information was for one of my friend who just had a failed IVF. And she was complaining about why this happened. When she was so sure that it would be successful. Hope for all good.
hey there. hope you are fine. this is a really good topic. IVF is suggested to every infertile person according to their individual conditions. hope it is effective for you too. one should consult the doctor about such sensitive topic.
It is an important question to post about. Firstly, it is really important to understand that when you are diagnosed with a certain fertility disorder it is not necessary that your symptoms will be similar to those of others. So, for example, I suffer from DOR. My symptoms are extremely different from that of others who are suffering from DOR. Similar is the case with PCOS there are levels of the disorder. The doctor, therefore, should be qualified enough to differentiate these differences. One of the reasons when I decided to opt for a treatment I first made sure that the clinic I opted with had professionals working. Now coming towards IVF. IVF itself is a very unpredictable treatment. For some, it works in the first go while for others it takes time. This is for everyone(except patients with DOR) not just for PCOS. For IVF again few things are really important. Firstly, make sure the doctor you visit knows what he/she is doing. Secondly, look at other steps you can take to improve the chances of success. I hope I was able to answer your question.
Hey there, Hope you are doing well. Thank you for raising such an interesting topic. It will be very informative for many people. As far as my knowledge is concerned. I know a little about PCOS. PCOS is Known as Polycystic ovary syndrome. In this problem, There will be irregular periods. chances of getting pregnant in this syndrome are very low. If someone with PCOS gets pregnant. It will result in miscarriage most probably. IVF success rate in PCOS is 60%. It depends on the age. If the age is less then 35. And its chances become lower with more age. One facto is the number of embryos transferred by IVF. Surrogacy Has higher success rates. Because in this process, the surrogate will carry the baby.
I think my reply will be helpful. Keep sharing information...
Emmaalise28 wrote:
Hey. Hope you are doing fine. The success rate of PCOS and IVF are not so high. I have had an infertility issue due to cervix incompetence disease so I chose to go for them. They didn't work for me. Later I decided to go for Surrogacy. It is a safe and secure technique. It is a way to make your dream of motherhood come true. There will be an obvious genetic connection to your baby with you. A surrogate mother is just a source. She just carries a pregnancy for another. Legally baby will be yours. I hope it would help, many infertile people.

Hey! Though I have no idea over the disease you talked about. From the time I came over this forum, I came to know about so many abnormalities. That I wonder what this infertility make us go through.
You did the right decision of selecting surrogacy. This is no doubt an effective procedure to have a baby even after losing so much hope.
From where you had your surrogacy procedure. You must share your experience. Hopefully, this would help many needy individuals that often want to seek the details and the places to go for surrogacy procedure.
Hey Ezable. How are you doing? Hope so you are doing fine. Well, you raised a very good issue. Indeed this worth worrying issue. As long as I know about this issue that one of my friends also had PCOS and her doctor recommended her surrogacy. But she denied and goes for IVF after multiple failed attempt she goes for surrogacy again. And now she is the mother of a beautiful baby girl. Hope so my words will help you.
I just hope that you are enjoying good health. Sad to learn about your PCOS. I have read from somewhere that one can conceive easily with surrogacy treatment. I guess it will work for you too. One of the members on this forum successfully had surrogacy treatment from Europe. IVF is also another treatment but it’s a bit risky. Also, success chances in it are about 25%. In comparison with surrogacy, IVF is not preferable. I’m also TTC for more than a year. Now, I’m thinking of moving towards the surrogacy treatment. My friend has suggested me a clinic in Europe for such cause. I’m sure it will work for me. Wishing you good luck for future too!
I've had a friend with PCOS and has been using Ovarifert - she has said it is working so could help someone on this page as well. Company is based in NZ -
. IVF is painful. It works best for individuals PCOS. In my friend's case, it was inverse. She was determined to have PCOS when she was 17. Then she got married. They ttc for 4 years. PCOS was painful for her but it was in fate. She needed to have a family however no good fortune. She went for IVF yet fizzled. Along these lines, at last, she chose to go for surrogacy. She has a little girl now.
Hey. Hope you're okay. This is a bit of a confusing post. It's obvious. IVF works best with PCOS. This is a fact. You can see the stats on it. All of them point towards PCOS sufferers finding success with IVF. IVF is a great method, without a doubt. Basically, what happens is that, in PCOS, you cannot fertilize your eggs. So in IVF, this problem is solved by fertilizing the eggs with sperm outside the body. In other words, it's a like-to-like solution for it. I don't know where you read about it not working for PCOS. I hope this helps you. Best wishes.
Ezabel106 I can explain to you about this. PCOS stands for polycystic ovary syndrome. This is the sign of elevated androgens in women. Due to these symptoms identification, a woman gets to know her body condition. This causes infertility. Symptoms of PCOS include irregular or no menstrual cycle. a woman gets periods with heavy pain. Excess body and face hairs. They feel difficulty with conceiving. Due to it thickly, velvet and darker skin patches formed. Ivf stands for intro vitro fertilization. this treatment is used to get over the infertility issue. In this process, an egg is combined with sperm outside the body. It is an artificial way of getting pregnant. hope so you are well aware of it now.
I hope you are doing good. Well, the case differs for every individual. I am a victim of PCOS. My first cycle failed. Second failed too. I had lost all my hopes. On the contrary, my friend’s first cycle went successful. You can’t be really sure about what is going to happen. You must consult your doctor first, I am sure he can help you better in this regard.Each person suffering from PCOS or endometriosis has different symptoms and characters which makes it different for everyone. Therefore, it really annoys me when even doctors don’t look at your case individually. For certain people suffering from PCOS, IVF works after the 1st and 2nd cycle. Whereas certain patients don’t even need a fertility treatment to help them out. So it all really depends on the symptoms you are suffering through. Now looking at my condition I have had both these treatments and none of them worked for me. If they did work it resulted in an MC. This is what happens in DOR a really painful infertility disorder. I hope I was able to answer your question. Good luck.
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