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Possible surprise pregnancy? Lock Rss

Hi there, I am Emma i saw the many of the women with the same situation that you told. I also told to my sister and cousin that what the main problem could be with you.! Well this is not not impossible situation that is also a solvable, Well i will suggest you to must visit a doctor because i telling and having a issue is not the same that other understand so you must visit the doter. Well if you find a still baby issue then must think about surrogacy. I think then this will be a good solution for you to have a baby and a good life. smile
Hey there. First of all, how are your twins? Hope they are doing okay! Secondly, The signs could mean anything at this point. I would recommend getting some tests done by the doctor. It's better to do them frequently so you can be updated on your health. Hopefully the surprise pregnancy turns out to be a true thing! Best of luck to you!
Sad to learn about your failed procedure. Failures take a lot from a woman. It's so much hurting and disappointing. Well, surrogacy is an option you can consider. Surrogacy is a great blessing. It has filled my life with pleasure. I also had surrogacy treatment from Europe. Clinics, especially in Europe, are providing great assistance in this regard. You can consult your doctor in this regard. Most of the experts recommend surrogacy treatment first. There are many other treatments for infertility. But their success rates are not so high. I just wish that you get your child soon. May your wish be fulfilled. Wishing you all the best.
Dear don't be worry about that .it's not a serious issue as well. Sometimes this kind of situation happens but nor to tense for it. Just consult a good clinic and discuss all the symptoms. hope you will get the best advice.
hey there. how are you? I am not sure about this but you can consult a doctor. he will guide you better. hope you conceive soon. seeing you baby dust. take care.
hey there. how are you? I am not sure about this but you can consult a doctor. he will guide you better. hope you conceive soon. seeing you baby dust. take care.
Hey there. Don't need to be so stressful. Always see the bright side of life. I know at this point you might not found me words good. I know its really tough. But dear you have to console your self. I know you could do it. Just be happy. One day you will find your happiness. My prayers are with you. Sending baby dust to you. All the best.
Some symptoms do say you are pregnant. But some do not. I am not of the view that you are expecting. But I don't know. Maybe, you are. I am not just sure. I think your doctor will be able to help you. Visit a good doctor for this purpose.
It is a sorry piece to read. I am surprised that with all the symptoms the results are negative. Don't get sad. Things are likely to improve for you. Even if all efforts fail you can try for assisted reproduction. Don't think negative. I wish you a happy life.
Hey Dear! How are you? I just read your post. I really become upset for you. I think you should consult with a gynecologist regarding this. Such symptoms appear due to several reasons. So it's better to be diagnosed exactly instead of assuming. I would recommend you to go for check up as soon as possible.
My sympathies
Hey, hope you are doing good. I am very sorry about that. For a woman, it's the worst experience to lost her baby. And I know it's must have been extremely difficult.i can imagine the worst condition of your self. A healthy baby is the dream of every mother and when something wrong happened it will badly affect the parent's dream, their wishes and their hopes. But the very important thing is to never lose hope in any kind of u have skin allergy issue earlier too? it's a good feeling to be pregnant. hope it the best in your regard happens. ill pray for you. good luck. take care. Just keep in touch with your gynecologist. Follow her advice and think to be positive. Soon all will be good for you.
Hi. Hope you are having a good day. Try not to should be so distressing. I know you are struggling a lot. TTC gives a tough time. I know its extremely intense. However, dear you need to support your self. My petitions are with you. I hope your rainbow will come soon. Good luck.
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