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before we investigated IVF.I wish I'd realized that it discusses it. Lock Rss

Surrogacy has been a blessing. It has helped people a lot through these situations. You should try it. It will help you a lot. It gives you the happiness in life. I wish you all the best for future. May all your problems get solved.
This is beautiful (if that is the correct word!?) thankyou such a great amount for sharing the full story. It just (ha!) took me three years to have my child (now a half-year-old) however it was completely the most exceedingly awful a great time. You depicted it so well about things being on hold - I didn't feel like I could push ahead with whatever else and turned out to be increasingly simply dismal constantly. I had a poo meeting at work and crying the distance home since I had an inclination that I couldn't do *anything* right.
Anyway, I needed to state thank you on the grounds that your pregnancy and infant refreshes, amusingly, were something that got me through.
All my sympathies with have to become strong. infertility is the very worst experience. I'm also an infertile person. Actually, I'm suffering from heart disease. My doctor said to me that I cannot conceive naturally. That was the sad day of my life. My husband is very loving and caring. He forced me to move to Europe. There are many clinics in Europe that provide the best treatment for infertility.IVF and surrogacy is the treatment of infertility. We chose the option of surrogacy. then now I'm the mother of a baby boy. So, don't lose hope! Good luck, I really hope it works out for you!
Hello, Hope you are fine. I am very glad that to have chosen the way of discussion. It is very good. I will tell you about my best friend. She was facing infertility. She was so much upset. Then one day she has come to know about IVF. then she goes to the clinic and discusses. She started IVF treatment. She was successful in IVF treatment. Now she is a mother of two very sweet baby boys. She is very lucky. I am very happy for her. I wish you also will get that. will advise you to take it as soon as possible. You also will get a child soon. I will wish you good luck.
Hey dear, Hope you are in good health. I have come to know about the matter you are discussing. I am very happy that you are sharing it with others. I think it is a very good way. We really need to spread information. So we can get the best result. I want to share with you that IVF is a very good solution to infertility. You take a good decision. It will be better for you. Just keep faith dear. I hope you will get the best result from IVF. There are many couples who have to choose IVF and they are happy now. You no need to think much about it. I hope all will soon well. No need to tense about that. Good luck to you.
My heartiest congratulations to you.Its a great news. You are blessed to have a baby. The best thing is that is through IVF.IVF success rate is very low. You are lucky. I wish you and your child bundle of happiness.
I had a particularly good experience with IVF. I got lucky, too. Considering it worked out on the first attempt. However, it's not that "scary", at all. All they do is, they carry out the fertility procedure inside the lab. The rest of the process is the same as natural. I hope this helps you understand!
I have faced somehow a similar situation.. Dh and I have been trying to conceive for almost 3 years. with multiple IVF failures and miscarriages. The furthest we have gone was at 11 weeks. But we were still trying to keep our mental strength and optimism that we would someday have a successful live birth. My sister and BIL have one daughter and are trying for their 2nd child. As happy as I am to be an Aunt, my BIL has made statements to me before saying things like 'Oh, how about letting your sister help you carry your child? Since you are having difficulties.' And 'Your Mum really wants grandchildren, but it's ok, thankfully we are holding the fort for now by giving her a grand daughter. It's only people who have received something they think should come easy to everyone. Cannot emphatize or relate to those who are facing it as a daily struggle.
Finally found ourselves at biotex com for many reasons. High live birth rates. Affordable packages. Favourable law. All their packages are all-inclusive. Meaning they include: Accommodation. Meals. Medical procedures and medications. Medical and psychological examination of the surrogates. Payments to the surrogate. Transfers to and from the airport and the clinic. Donor eggs if needed – for no additional price!! Interpreter with you at the clinic on every visit. Legal help to obtain documents for the baby after it is born. Monthly ultrasound reports with pictures of your baby. English speaking coordinator who is considered to be your point of contact at the clinic. Moreover, all packages are paid in 5 intallments!! No need to pay the whole money sum at once. The last 2 installments are paid after the birth of your baby! Needless to say their ”guaranteed” refund if no luck.
One more thing to add. Have you, guys, ever seen anywhere such prices like:
1 IVF cycle for EUR 4,900.
2 IVF cycles for EUR 6,900, meaning EUR 3,450 per cycle!
5 IVF cycles for EUR 9,900, which is EUR 1,980 per cycle!!
Besides, all of the packages include donor eggs, ALL medications needed, transfer from/to the airport and from/to the clinic, accommodation, meals, interpreter services.
''Guaranteed'' though is on the top.
smart_mother wrote:
I wish I'd realized that it discusses it.
"It was a lengthy, difficult experience of endeavoring—and losing—before we investigated IVF. A large portion of my pregnancies (there have been many) self-ended before the eight-week point. After tests, we understood I convey a chromosomal variation from the norm, which was likely why babies we created normally weren't creating as they should. IVF with preimplantation hereditary finding (PGD) was our solitary alternative in the event that I needed to wind up pregnant with my own sound kid and convey it to term.
I don't know there's anything anybody could have instructed me to help set me up—there are the infusions and medicines, at that point a few arrangements for blood tests and ultrasounds, and it's physically debilitating and difficult. Be that as it may, simply having the capacity to converse with somebody about it is useful. Everybody I know who's experienced IVF has had their own particular one of a kind affair. I wish I'd been more open to discussing it amid the first round, however, I didn't need anybody to know."

IVF may not be so easy though. IVF has many steps. it takes several months to complete the whole process. It sometimes works on the first try. but many people need more than 1 round of IVF to get pregnant. IVF definitely increases your chances of pregnancy if you’re having fertility problems. but there’s no guarantee -- everyone’s body is different and IVF won’t work for everyone.
The first step in IVF is taking fertility medications for several months to help your ovaries produce several eggs that are mature and ready for fertilization. This is called ovulation induction. You may get regular ultrasounds or blood tests to measure your hormone levels and keep track of your egg production.
Once your ovaries have produced enough mature eggs, your doctor removes the eggs from your body (this is called egg retrieval). Egg retrieval is a minor surgical procedure that’s done at your doctor’s office or at a fertility clinic. You’ll get medicine to help you be relaxed and comfortable during the procedure. Using an ultrasound to see inside your body, the doctor puts a thin, hollow tube through your vagina and into the ovary and folliclesthat hold your eggs. The needle is connected to a suction device that gently pulls the eggs out of each follicle.
In a lab, your eggs are mixed with sperm cells from your partner or a donor -- this is called insemination. The eggs and sperm are stored together in a special container. Fertilization happens. For sperm that have lower motility (don’t swim as well), they may be injected directly into the eggs to promote fertilization. As the cells in the fertilized eggs divide and become embryos. people who work at the lab monitor the progress.
About 3-5 days after the egg retrieval, 1 or more embryos are put into your uterus (this is called embryo transfer). The doctor slides a thin tube through your cervix into your uterus. Then inserts the embryo directly into your uterus through the tube. Pregnancy happens if any of the embryos attach to the lining of your uterus. Embryo transfer is done at your doctor’s office or at a fertility clinic, and it’s usually not painful. Plan on resting for the rest of the day after your embryo transfer. You can go back to your normal activities the next day. You may also take pills or get daily shots of a hormone called progesterone for the first 8-10 weeks after the embryo transfer. The hormones make it easier for the embryo to survive in your uterus.
Hope this helps to get some more insight into the process.
Laraa92 wrote:
I had a particularly good experience with IVF. I got lucky, too. Considering it worked out on the first attempt. However, it's not that "scary", at all. All they do is, they carry out the fertility procedure inside the lab. The rest of the process is the same as natural. I hope this helps you understand!

IVF, unfortunately, does involve many risks! Like all medications and medical procedures, IVF has also some possible side effects. These include: Bloating. Cramping. Breast tenderness. Mood swings. Headaches. Bruising from shots. Allergic reaction to medicines. Bleeding. Infection. Doctor can talk about any questions or concerns you have about IVF risks and side effects. IVF can also be difficult emotionally. both for the person having the procedures and for their partner and/or family. Many people doing IVF treatments struggle with depression and anxiety throughout the process. So talking with people who’ve been through fertility struggles and IVF can be really helpful if one is feeling overwhelmed or discouraged. Online and in-person communities are also good places to meet people who understand what you’re going through and can offer advice and support. Counselors and therapists can also be sources of comfort.
Ladies, a dose of realism is needed when you’re 42. Miscarriage rates are 50 per cent. Live-birth rates for IVF with your own eggs are only 10 to 15 per cent. And the likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities are higher than average. Donor eggs take on all three. If your objective is a baby, and reduced heartache, donor eggs or donor embryos are a consideration. We've opted for former ones and have nothing to regret about.
For us everything started with defining the date for initial consultation and sending the list of the required documents. These were transvaginal ultrasound check results. Breast ultrasound check results (as I was 39 yo and never had any breast problems). Chest X-ray (for both me and my husband). Doctor's certificate that I was healthy enough to carry out a baby and that pregnancy was not prohibited for me. Also sperm count if available. Than the initial consultation itself. We both came to the clinic to undergo the required tests (blood tests for both, pap smear, sperm count). The doctor studied medical records, performed transvaginal ultrasound check and evaluated our chances to successfully accomplish the program. He explained us the treatment plan. Also they gave us the medications needed for my subsequent stimulation protocol. All agreements signed.
We went for plan 3 - 5 attempts. (9900 euros). It's only double the 1 attempt and not far off the cost of 1 cycle in UK. It gives you peace of mind you have other options, just look at the signatures of the ladies on the forum you can see multiple attemps is not unusual!! Sods law you will get lucky first time - but that's worth a whole pot of money isn't it.
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