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Dealing with infertility. Lock Rss

I am a regular visitor of this forum. It makes me so happy that people are helping each other. They give their honest decisions. Actually, I am an infertile lady. I have been diagnosed with PCOS. I have heard that IVF works best with people diagnosed with PCOS. Also, I have heard that it is a risky and complicated process. What do you guys think I should do? Should I give it a try or directly look for adoption? Thanks in advance.
Hey Kendall! How are you feeling sweetie?
I hope that this post of mine finds you at the best of your health.
First of all Kendall, it is such a sweet post that you have made. I am glad that you have a very positive energy in you. That is the spirit of my girl.
And yes you are about the IVF. It is one of the most tested and successful methods of making a woman pregnant. But all it takes is for you to choose the best clinic. The clinic that I am seeing these days in order to get treated for my conceiving. It is situated in Europe and it is amazing. You need to pay a visit there for your IVF. I am sure you will love the experience there.
I am always straightforward with people. I mean yes, IVF is great. It is a blessing. It helps you get a baby. That too using your own womb. Though it is not a fairy tale. It is a very painful process. I dreaded this process. Though yes, it can be made easier. With the help of great support. If you have emotional support. In addition to a great team of doctors. There is nothing that can be unbearable. Just avoid going to Lotus if you go for international surrogacy. Otherwise, there are some very considerate clinics in Europe. They will make it easier for you.
Hey Kendell! How are you doing? I am really sorry to hear about your infertility. It can be a really frustrating and stressing process to conceive. I have similar feelings, I feel really lucky to find these forums because the people here are so helpful. I would really like to help people as well so it is a good platform for awareness. I am going through infertility as well. I had a hysterectomy and now I am unable to conceive naturally at all. My cousin suggested me to go for surrogacy by consulting doctors at a clinic in Europe. I have visited the doctors many times and they made my mind very positive towards surrogacy. They have found a great surrogate mother as well. I would recommend you to consult various doctors and get their suggestions. Hope it works for you. My best wishes to you, love!
Hey, Kendel I hope you're doing good. I am really sorry about your infertility. I am in the same boat as yours and therefore can understand how this must be so difficult. My suggestion to you would be to first visit a fertility specialist. He/she will first determine the severity of your PCOS. Sometimes you don't need to go for such treatments. However, IVF has proven to be highly successful. You just have to be properly researched about the whole process. It involves you taking shots thrice a day. I know that is a bit scary. However, eventually, it will be all worth it. You just have to stay calm. In order to overcome the anxiety, my suggestion would be to start doing yoga as well. Best of luck I hope everything goes well. Just visit a good high success rate clinic.
I am going to share my IVF experience with you. For our first attempt, I didn’t get pregnant. We had to take us to a doctor apparently. And so we did. Anyways, we followed the doctors. The procedure was much painful and terrible. The medications would sometimes left me crying. But I was content that , the baby is worth this pain. Yes, you guessed right, I got pregnant. We are expecting a baby in 5 weeks.
I was also TTC for more than three years. It was disappointing when my doctor declared me as infertile. However, my DH did not lose hope. he kept on checking on different platforms about infertility treatments. Due to his hard work, we finally came to know about surrogacy. Surrogacy worked best for us. With proud, I can say I'm the mother of twins now!
Hey. PCOS is another kind of infertility. I think you should not go for adoption. Because in that you may not feel mother love for the baby you will adopt. IVF is a great procedure. But it is painful. I think that you should go for surrogacy. It is a safe procedure and not risky at all. I think it would be great.
I think should visit some quality clinic and I will suggest you be mentally prepared yourself for future. So can look for other options too. Medical sciences are doing phenomenal work in bringing smiles to the faces of hopeless couples. We should take advantage of them. be patient. Think positive and everything will be fine. Lots of love and prayers for you. Fingers crossed!
I am so sorry for you. I hope that you will be a mom soon. My sister had PCOS when she was young. It was so painful. She became infertile. She was so upset. Later she went for IVF but no luck. In the end, she chose surrogacy. She is a happy mother now. She has no more worries now.
Hey there Kendell. How are you doing? I hope its all great. I am really sorry about your problem. I know it must be really hard. However please don't lose hope. You should give IVF a try. It is really a good choice. I am sure you'll get success. I wish you good luck. Take care and lots of love and support.
Don't lose hope dear. You are not the only one in this boat. There are many women out there with you. I also faced infertility but surrogacy worked for us. I don't have enough words to thank Science for this amazing treatment.
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