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Dealing with infertility. Lock Rss

Hey Kendel. You are right, people are really helping on this forum. I have gained so much of information and help just by reading posts. They also encourage you through tough times. I am really glad that technology exists nowadays, where people can reach out to other women who are going through the same troubles. I am going through infertility too. I am opting for surrogacy at a clinic in Europe. It was recommended to me by my cousin. I am really glad I found this clinic because they have been supportive at this hard time. They are very helpful and I am still having sessions with them. I have gotten all my queries regarding surrogacy cleared. I see a beam of light in this darkness now. I would recommend you to consult various doctors and take the right decision. Good luck.
You are one of the unforunate victims of the PCOS. It is great that you are going to fight it. IVF is your weapon. There is nothing to get worried about. Take it as any other procedure. Natural conceptions are also sometimes futile. Just stay alm and hope for the best.
IVF fertilization rates increase with good quality sperm, so better sperm will give you better fertilization rates and better embryos on the day of transfer. I completely understand your concerns and think that is something so many of us go through when considering the cost of treatment, both financial and emotional. I don't have any great advice but wish you peace in your decision and the best of luck in whatever you decide.
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