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Dealing with infertility. Lock Rss

Well, I would suggest you surrogacy. In adoption, you cannot have your own genetic child. If you choose surrogacy it will go fine. Although it is a different procedure yet this is an only option to have your own babies. You have to find the best clinic for surrogacy. Clinic plays major roles in surrogacy. If you choose the best clinic it will give you best results. I wish that everything will be in your favor.
Hello there. I'm sorry to know that you can't conceive naturally. I'm glad you're looking into alternatives. IVF is a great option for you. IVF works the best for women who have PCOS. It sure is a painful process, but the result is worth all the pain. After the process is done, it feels like a natural pregnancy. Good luck with whatever you decide!
Hey Kendall! How are you? I hope you are good. Infertility is a very bad problem. Many women face this problem. Every woman wants to become a mother. But sometimes it's not possible. I'm a heart patient. I cannot conceive. then we move to Europe.there are many good clinics in Europe that deal with infertility. Surrogacy and IVF is the best solution for infertility. I selected the option of surrogacy. Now I'm a mother of a baby boy. I am always straightforward with people. I mean yes, IVF is great. It is a blessing. It helps you get a baby. That too using your own womb.IVF is the best option of you as compared with adoption. Best of luck. Stay happy.
I am so sorry to hear about your infertility. Must be heartbreaking for you. What reasons did the doctor give for your infertility? Did you talk to your doctor about it? What did she suggest? I think you should go for IVF. It is a great process. It has been there for a lot of people in the time of need. You can have your own baby this way. A baby that will be genetically yours. Adoption won't give you your own baby. Although, it is hard but not impossible. Staying positive is all you need right now. I hope things go smoothly for you. Baby dust!
Thank you so much, everyone. It feels great that you all are supporting. Your advice gives me hope. Although hard, I am ready to travel this journey. I hope the very first cycle gets successful. I am too nervous at the moment. Keep me high in your prayer list. Lots of love to all of you guys.
Well, it totally depends on you. IVF is complicated, no doubt. We aren't even sure if it will work for you for the first time. But we have to remain hopeful. Maybe it works for you. I think you should go for IVF. Hopefully, it will be successful. You just have to be patient.
It is your choice, dear. IVF is a bit complicated. I won't deny that fact. No one can say that it will be successful in the first attempt. But we have to keep our hopes high. Maybe it works for you in the first attempt. I think there's no harm in giving it a try.
Hi there. Hope you are doing great. You are right in surrogacy you have your own genetic child. But some people want to help children. So they go for adoption. It depends on the choice. Giving happiness to deprived ones is the best deed. Good luck everyone.
Hi Kendel! Hope you are in good health. I will try to help you out as best as I can since I have been through IVF and other infertility treatments. IVF has a very high chances of success for women with PCOS and I think you should go for it. In my case, though IVF failed and I went for surrogacy from Ukraine. I guess you can always go for surrogacy even if IVF fails but I am certain it will not. All the best on your journey.
Dear Kendel! How are you? You are right that IVF works best with PCOS. IVF is a safe thing but it's a bit risky. Because through IVF you would be pregnant. As you are facing complications while getting pregnant. So this could cause some issues with your pregnancy. So I think you should go with surrogacy. It really seems good for you. It has high success rate and is a more preferred thing over IVF. I think you should go with it. Also, consult with a doctor regarding this. He would guide you better.
My sympathies
I extremely expected to hear this. I am just 35, yet have PCOS, I have already prematurely delivered twins 3 years prior and myself and my better half have been attempting from that point forward. I have my IVF arrangement reserved for September and am attempting the keep going trench endeavor on Clomiphene for the following three months. I as of late had the hycosy Fallopian tube technique and you summed up precisely how I have been feeling since. I feel that they need and long for a child has assumed control over as long as I can remember that I can't center around straightforward everyday undertakings any longer. God knows the sum we have spent on pregnancy tests ..over £90 alone in February when the compelling force of nature switched my cycle up from 28 days dependably to 69 days. You depicted it so well about how everything else is on hold – this end of the week was the defining moment for me, in the wake of endeavoring to be the friend in need for everybody and smothering my own particular emotions I, at last, went into disrepair and now the conduits are open I can't quit crying and haven't since Sunday. Over the consistent testing and examining, we, unfortunately, lost my relative 3 months back at age 56 and I have never felt so low and down in all my years yet stories like this give me so much expectation and to continue battling, multi-day I know I will have my infants in my arms.
Hey Kendel. You are right, people are really helping on this forum. I have gained so much of information and help just by reading posts. They also encourage you through tough times. I am really glad that technology exists nowadays, where people can reach out to other women who are going through the same troubles. I am going through infertility too. I am opting for surrogacy at a clinic in Europe. It was recommended to me by my cousin. I am really glad I found this clinic because they have been supportive at this hard time. They are very helpful and I am still having sessions with them. I have gotten all my queries regarding surrogacy cleared. I see a beam of light in this darkness now. I would recommend you to consult various doctors and take the right decision. Good luck.
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