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third fizzled IVF/icsi, it would be ideal if you help Lock Rss

Dear Ladies,
PLEASE I trust somebody can help
Recently I got my blood test my third Fresh fizzled IVF/ICSI NEGATIVE
Truly what do I do now?? I'm so stunned and in dismay. NO Frosties.
We had 3 Grade 1 5 Cells Transferred on Day 2... my first and second Cycle two Grade 1 8 cells incipient organisms on day 3.
I have had ALL my IMMUNE TESTINGS DONE returned clear... I have had a Hysterscopy and a biopsy of my Uterus. Again returned clear. The Reasons were having IVF is because of my spouse's low checks... presently it faulting my self......
The specialist revealed to me she needs to converse with a colleague as she is stunned that it has not worked yet... I'm watching ladies day in and out leaving with their BFP in this facility and everything I do is watch from the sideline We have gone private and paid for ALL our Treatments am extremely annoyed with everything...
She gave me HIBOR 25OOIU infusion that I took all through the full 2WW she said she more often than not doesn't give it, however in the event that blood thickening may be an issue... Both of my Thighs are purple and wounded which is an update that I got a no
Since the entire adventure of IVF and 100s of my blood tests my TSH Came back 6.2 She disclosed to me I had an underactive Thyroid didn't understand I had that... I was put taking drugs and it boiled down to 2.7 that is the point at which I began my first IVF......
I continue revealing to her on numerous occasions is 2.7 TSH not very High?? what's more, she said under 3 is flawlessly fine??
This is the main thing that I can consider??? Were DEFINITELY proceeding onward, when I have the quality I will go get my record and move to an alternate center, I have lost confidence in her and we have NEVER had a second view.. perhaps we simply require another arrangement of eyes...
I so wish she can state this is on account of X Y AND Z? she generally says 'it is in Gods hands if its a yes or no' what number of more IVFS would I be able to have with her 4 5 6? also, she generally says its Gods will... which it positively is I require a medicinal reason also...
Would I welcome any proposals? I trust I have appeared well and good? also, anybody got fruitful on the fourth IVF? I have perused that after 3 fizzled IVF the achievement rate takes a plunge In 29 Very Healthy and now 3 fizzled cycles never did I figure 2011 would end this way
Searching forward for ANY answers xx
Hey, I am extremely sorry to hear about your failed cycle. My honest suggestion to you would be to visit a doctor who has a high success rate. The doctor should be experienced and professional to carry out such procedures. One of my really close friends kept visiting this doctor for her 3 IVF cycles and they all failed. She changed her doctor for the last one and she was able to conceive. Therefore, don't be discouraged by what others say and research things on your own. Sending baby dust your way. Do keep us updated.
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