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Stay Positive. Lock Rss

Hello everyone, I just wanted you all to stay positive. I know infertility is not easy to admit. But it can only be fought through positivity. I myself have been trying for TTC for 3 years. After the accident doctors declared me infertile. I am consulting the doctors in a very good clinic in Europe. They are helping me a lot. I hope all goes well.
Hi there, Mlisa! I hope you're in good health. It feels really good to wake up and see such a motivating post. It will definitely make my day go positively. I totally agree with you. Infertility is a curse and one shouldn't blame himself for it. Accepting the fact that you're infertile is a very brave thing to do. Moving on and looking for alternatives takes a lot of strength. Staying positive and never giving up is the key. I'm sorry to read about your infertility. You're a strong woman, I hope you get all that you wish for. Every couple wishes for a baby and they fully deserve to become parents. I wish everything goes well for you. Always stay positive like this and everything will go on the right path itself. Lots of love and prayers for you!
Hey! I am so glad that you stayed so strong. That is the main key, love. Being strong and positive. I am really sorry about your experience though. I hope everything goes well ahead. I am also going through infertility. I have had my uterus removed a sit was diagnosed with cancerous polyps. I was devastated. I lost all hopes because I wanted my own biological child. My husband suggested me adoption but I denied. Later I found out about surrogacy. I chose a clinic in Europe. Thye have been amazing with their service. They ensured I am positive about surrogacy. I received consultancy sessions for a few weeks. I am so glad I came across such a clinic. I hope my journey goes smoothly.
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