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Harmony Test and NT Scan/Blood results Lock Rss

Hi, I am 41 years old and currently 14 and 2 days pregnant. This is my first pregnancy. I was 10 weeks we decided to do the Harmony Test to make sure our bub was ok due to my high risk age, the results came low risk and normal but when I had my 12 week NT scan and blood works the results came back 1:3 increased chance of Down Syndrome. I was very shocked and upset regarding the results and we have decided to go ahead with amniocentesis test but waiting when this will be. Has anyone else ever had any similar experience. We have waited so long to have our child and it is very stressful to know that maybe there could be something wrong but we have to wait.
Hi, I am in the same situation but the other way around. Did the usual NT test which came back at 1:23 risk for Down Syndrome. I broke down as soon as the Dr. told me the numbers. I had blood taken for a Harmony Test that day and am now waiting very anxiously on the results. The harmony test is way more accurate than the first trimester screening, so I would go by those results? It is such a horrible time not knowing if bubs is going to be ok or not. I am just a mess at the moment. If our Harmony comes back low risk, I think we'll go by that. If it is positive then will have an amnio to confirm results. Good luck with it all, I sincerely hope your baby (and mine) are going to be just fine.
Hey there! Congratulations on your pregnancy hon. Getting pregnant at the age of 41 is like a miracle. Nowadays women are having a tough time conceiving over 30. You are so lucky. You have to take good care of yourself at this time. First of all change your routine, Start doing some exercise and Yoga. After that don't think much about it, Stress can have a bad impact on your baby.
Hi! Congrats! I am so happy for you. You are pregnant at 41, that's motivating. I m here trying from last 6 years to conceive and i have recently started IVF at this clinic abroad. Things look like they are in my favor now. Hope so.
Firstly, congratulations on being pregnant at the age of 41. It is a really good news. This is a stressful situation. However, my advice to you would be to just calm down. The more you stress the more it will have an impact on you. I am sure things will be okay in the next test you will get done. Good luck to you. Sending positive vibes.
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