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positive faint line pregnancy test. Lock Rss

Hi,im new here and very nervous as I have taken a first response pregnancy test which has presented a faint line, and im wondering if that's cause to beleive that i am pregnant? My period is 2 days late however I have had a show of really light spotting for the last 2-4 hours which is on and off, is this sign a cause for concern???

This is not my first pregnancy as I have had several m/c in the past and a s/b birth, I maybe just abit too concerned given my past pregnancies...
C_Lains wrote:
OMG, I'm sorry to hear about your losses..I hope you've got your positive proved so far. And that things are going just ok. I myself had to pass DE IVF to conceive a baby. My dr advised me not to jump to conclusions on your pregnancy status based on your side effects!! Many of the shots you’ve taken and procedures you’ve undergone, in addition to the progesterone shots you’ll continue to take, may cause symptoms similar to those of pregnancy. Also to stay distracted from overthinking. And no early home tests..That wasn't easy but really helped to keep sane.
It's hard to say for sure. The information is too less to be certain. You'll have to wait, I'm afraid. Good luck to you! My prayers are with you! You can get through this, honey. I hope it all works out well for you.
There's nothing to worry about. I can understand your concerns. It's all quite normal. It could be implantation bleeding. You should just wait a bit. You can visit your doctor, a professional opinion helps. I really hope it all goes, normally! Good luck to you!
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