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Complex of Specialized STD Testing

The complex of Specialized testing of SD (Special testdetection, STD) — is intended for complex carrying out selection of the personnel, is used at an assessment of candidates for various vacancies. The procedure for testing the SD is quite simple and takes an average of 10-15 minutes. however, an unprepared applicant who is not familiar with the complex and the testing process will not be able to intentionally overestimate the results of the study. The disadvantage of the complex can be attributed to the possibility of "training" of the subject and a significant improvement in the result of repeated testing. Application of the complex of specialized testing of STD is directed first of all on elimination of applicants at selection of the personnel in the organization. Widespread in the work of domestic personnel services, the complex received because it is used independently, without additional diagnostic tools

Now I have a question Do I need to do STD testing? Is it private?
STD testing is a must for everyone, doesn't matter are you sexual active or not. If you are pregnant, you can get STD testing as well, just to be sure that you don't have any STD and your baby will not get them too. You can have anonymous STD testing if you want, then nobody will know that you have passed an STD test, after that you can inform or not your doctor so you will be able to get a good a correct form of treatment
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