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Prodromal Labor: Definition, Causes, And How To Cope-Up Lock Rss

The word “labor” in terms of pregnancy is attached with a very beautiful experience called childbirth, also known as delivery and it is a process when pregnancy ends and one or two baby leaves the uterus by passing through the vagina or from C section which is known as Caesarean. Keep reading this post to know about Prodromal labor.

Prodromal originated from a greek word means “Precursor” and is considered as false labor. It is a kind of labor that starts and stops before actually an active labor begins.[]
A lot of useful guidelines are here for the new becoming parents. And this information is about the mothers and how to take care of the babies is also included. I want to thanks them for sharing this kind of content with us and site is helpful because uneducation about this plays the main role in the illness of mother and baby. Again thanks for this.
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