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Early stages of pregnancy Lock Rss

Hi ladies, I’m just under 4 weeks pregnant and have known for 1 week.
I’m so scared of something happening and having a miscarriage.
I feel like I need to do a pregnancy test every couple of days as I keep wondering if it’s real and am I still pregnant?

At home many weeks did every one starting getting morning sickness? As I haven’t felt anything yet. I have also read up on people’s comments about their reactions to smells.
I have noticed smells have been heightened but nothing bothers me.
I’m a new mum and obviously being so early in the pregnancy only my partner knows so any feedback I would really appreciate.
Hi there, unfortunately I can't offer much advice but I can offer some empathy, if that helps?? I noticed no one had responded yet so I thought I would. First time posting on a pregnancy forum so here goes:

I'm 4 weeks 5 days and only just got the nerve to take a test today (2nd pregnancy as had early miscarriage in Oct last year). I'm 38 and we were all geared up for our first IVF cycle next month and... bam. I'm still stunned considering we had a less than 5% chance of conceiving naturally. And it's still so early that I'm in a state of anxiety about another m/c so I understand your urge to keep peeing on sticks but maybe seeing the GP for a HCG blood test would make you less worried? Apologies if that is something you've already done smile

It's surreal and difficult because it's all so new, right?? And everyone has different stories about how you should feel and what symptoms you should have and it's pretty overwhelming!!

Anyway, to your question re: symptoms, I'm guessing we are both still so early on that a lot of things haven't started happening and it's stressful to know you've made a life in your belly but nothing seems very different!! According to my fertility specialist, that's perfectly normal but it doesn't help put one's mind at ease. I thought being an older mum would make me equipped to handle this in a calm and serene way but no. Not even close.

I'm with you on smells (the cats' litter tray *ugh*) and my breasts have only just started to become tender in the last couple of days. And even then, it comes and goes. I feel a little bit damp (similar to pre-period) and I'm guessing the influx of hormones caused a touch of thrush and heartburn / indigestion (sorry, TMI) but my dead giveaway was irritability. My husband only has to come near me and I bristle and yell at him for........ absolutely nothing. I have very faint waves of nausea when I wake but that's it. Certainly not the horror stories you hear about and maybe it will get worse and maybe it won't??

I think the best piece of advice I received last year was: "Don't spend your time worrying about the what-if's. You can't physically control anything that is happening to you so take each day as it comes. You only have this wonderful thing happen to you for a short time and you're not a statistic. Not everyone's numbers and circumstances will apply to you. So just be in the moment as best you can and be kind to yourself"

Great advice, now let's watch as I forget to follow it smile

Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy and I hope you're able to keep find some calmness in this very overwhelming but amazing process xx
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