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36 weeks & possible preclampsia Lock Rss


Went to my normal 36 weeks checkup and my BP was high... 100 and something over 100 and something! Has been spot on until now. Dr did it again and it was still high so i had to goto the Pregnancy Assesment area for a few hours and have BP taken every 30 mins or so and have a blood test done. BP remained high so went home & was told to come back in 2 days, so went on friday and it had come down slightly but still high. Dr said if it continued they would like to induce me about 38 weeks, unless between now and then something drastic happened (swelling of the face etc) So I guess they are monitoring me for preclampsia. Had to collect my urine for a 24 hour period also. Bloods and urine came back fine so I am very borderline. Scary tho... altho I knew I was due in about 4 weeks, to hear that it can be any day now really is pretty daunting! Really didn't want to be induced either. Oh well. Have to go back tomorrow to see how things are...

I know high BP can be very normal later in pregnancy, just wondered if anyone else has had similar experience?

Hi Amanda

I know exactly how you feel. To think you may have to go to hospital and have the baby anytime seems to take any type of control away. My blood pressure began to rise in the last month of pregnancy along with rising levels of protein - so it was definitely suspected pre eclampsia. It came to a head a week before my due date when I was admitted and it was decided to induce. It was really scary as I had to stay in the hospital the night before and i didn;t sleep a wink. I wished I could have gone home but they had to try and get my bp down with medication. I never got any physical symptoms like the swelling interestingly.

My daughter was born safe and sound and all the symptoms resolved themselves in the weeks following.

If you have any questions about this stuff I will answer as best I can. I will check this again later today.


Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

hi amanda! i am due the day before you! last week i also had high blood pressure and had to go to hospital for assesment. they tested my urine and it is all clear and i have no swelling. my blood pressure is only borderline high and my readings have been all over the place (they have talked about possible induction of labour) but a midwife did work out that i get a higher reading if they use a small cuff. they worked out with me that to get a more accurate reading they use a bit bigger cuff.. strange but i guess its just one of those things. i cant go to the midwife clinic for checkups anymore i have to go to the hospital cos i am a bit more high risk now. i find out results from my blood test on wednesday. good luck with everything! XX
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