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pre-eclampsia again? Lock Rss

hi all, i had pre-eclampsia with my DS, and we are tihnking of trying for another sometime soonish. my fear is that i will get pre-eclampsia again. i've read books, talked to doctors and midwives, but nobody can give me an indication of what my chances are of developing PE again. has anyone had PE and then had a normal pregnancy? or PE in consecutive pregnancies? any info would be much appreciated..


Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

I had pre-eclampsia with my 1st born and was rushed in for a C-Section as my BP went dangerously high and this was our only option.
I actually suffer high BP from the very start of my pregnancies and go onto medication from 6 weeks pregnant but I have come of the medication during the 2nd trimester as my BP then goes too low. But by the 3rd trimester I have to go back onto medication and usually still my BP won't stay down.

With my last baby I had a planned CS as we knew with my previous experience there was no hope of having a natural birth, when they took me down to theatre to have my 2nd baby, my BP was high but not dangerously high and I never developed Pre -Eclampsia.

I'm pregnant with our 3rd now and so far this pregnancy has been the same on medication 1st trimester and now I'm into my 2nd trimester have been of the medication for 2 weeks now and my BP is still staying low but I have to regularly check it at home to make sure, not sure if I'll get pre - eclampsia again, sometimes you just get it the once and not again.

I suppose they will just monitor you more once you are pregnant to make sure you dont' get it again. But I do know a few people that have had it the 1st time and not had it again in other pregnancies.

Hello, I have had pre-eclampsia with preg no. 2 but not with number 1, 3 and 4. So it does not mean that you will get it again. I have heard that celery is good for keeping BP down and also that higher calcium levels are more likely to avoid pre eclampsia in pregnancy! Good luck!
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