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Heart Murmur whilst pregnant Lock Rss

Just recently i found out that I have a heart murmur.I am currently 24 weeks pregnant..I had been having fainting spells and shortness of breath.If i felt dizzy I'd lie down..I just thought that i was having an anxiety attack or something..I have to go get and ultrasound on my heart this week to find out how serious it is..Has anyone else been told whilst pregnant they had developed a heart murmur?? The GP told me that some pregnant women develop one as there is alot more blood pumping around your heart..But i dont know of anyone that has had one..

Kylie,Qld,4yrold Thomas & 18mthold Brooklyn

Yep I had one as well. They found mine when I saw a physician for my gestational diabetes. They were not very worried about it but as I had a caesarean I had to let the anaesthetist know. I was a bit shocked as I had never heard of it before myself, but as I said everyone seemed a bit casual about it.

I have since been checked a few times since I had my baby and I dont have it now.

I hope everything goes ok with your untrasound results.
thanks for your reply..Did u have to have an Echocardigram done at all??I have already had an ECG done now the next is the ultrasound on my heart..Did u ever experience fainting spells?? i had one the other night that lasted for 10mins..I didnt onc black out but my whole body felt like i was very strange..Did the doc tell you that u had to have a caeserean??

Kylie,Qld,4yrold Thomas & 18mthold Brooklyn

I didnt have any further tests done as all I was told was it does happen in pregnancy. I dont remember having any fainting spells or blacking out. I did have horrendous migraines though and was very very tired with no energy what so ever. However I had perfect blood pressure the whole time?? I had to have a caesarean as my son went into breech position at 34 weeks. He was a big baby mainly due to the gestational diabetes and was to big to go back around. He was sitting crossed legged and that means to many complications for a natural birth. My caesarean had nothing to do with my heart murmur.

Try not to worry to much, I know its easier said then done, at least they have found it and are looking further into it. They can do some pretty amazing things now......

Its quite scary the things we dont hear about with pregnancy but the Drs say its very common.

Please let me know how you go, I will be thinking of you.
Hi Kylie,

I was was told at the age of 16 that I had a heart murmur after having been to the doctor due to headaches/dizziness etc.

I was told to cut back on sport and that I needed to be careful not to strain myself, whatever that means. I still played sports and didn't let it stop me until I fell pregnant.

When I told my obestrician, he was not too concerned but would ask heaps of questions at each visit. I did have high blood pressure during my pregnancy but felt well. I gave birth to my son vaginally, with no complications during labour & no drugs. I felt good after the birth and I do now.

My family doctor wants me to have an ultrasound next time I see her as I still have high blood pressure and she wants to make sure if is not related to the murmur.

Hope this info helps a little.

Thanks Sally for your reply..

Its so overwhelming being pregnant..I have a 2.5 yr old and with his pregnancy I didnt have half as much hassle as I am now..
I am due to have the test today so I will see how I go..Im fairly nervous..I went back and saw another doctor on friday night and he said he couldnt hear the murmur..So it really confuses me how one doctor can and another can't..I'll still get the test done though just to put my mind at ease..I don't have high blood pressure just get these faint spells where my legs just feel real heavy and I feel like im going to The doctor on friday night told me that if they find its only a flowing murmur then I will just have to put up with the way I feel..Anyhow thanks for all your replies..Its good to know I'm not the only one..

Kylie,Qld,4yrold Thomas & 18mthold Brooklyn

Hi Kylie,

How did you go with your test today?

I didn't end up getting it done as my 2yr old was playing up and I had to take him with me..So i thought i better reschedule..Hes going thru the terrible two's atm..I don't get any peace..i am going to try get in next week on a day when his dad can take him out..Have u had a test done at all??and thanks for the message..

Kylie,Qld,4yrold Thomas & 18mthold Brooklyn

Hi Kylie,

I am being slack and have not gone back to the doctors to arrange a scan. Have been so busy lately just cannot find the time.

I have made a promise to myself that I will go back in a few weeks.

My 18mth old has discovered tantrums, they are fun not!!!

Thanks Sal for your replies..
I think I was pretty lucky in my son only starting tantrums now..hes 2.5yrs old..They can last for hours though..One day he threw one for 2.5hrs..I couldnt settle him down at all..Its amazing how they just don't give in..I've started to take this vitamin called elevit so i'm hoping that might give me a boost..this is my email addy if u ever want to email instead of posting messages
take care

Kylie,Qld,4yrold Thomas & 18mthold Brooklyn

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