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ultrasound queries Lock Rss

Today i had an ultrasound and the technician said she could see a very healthy 8 week 2 day old baby with a very healthy heart beat.

Then she scared me and said that there was a little bit of blood around the sac..........she said any blood can be worrying but there wasnt much and most techs wont say anything but she told me because i had an internal and she said the blood could cause bleeding afterwards and she didnt want me to worry if that happened and blame the ultrasound. She also said that it didnt mean anything because heaps of people get it and then have healthy babies.....

Has anyone been told there was blood around their sac and does anyone know what it means and if it is serious or what?

I know i shouldnt worry but i dont want anything to happen to this pregnancy.............


Clare-WA, Brodie 17.12.04, Lauren 13.12.06, Holly

to clare

to start off congrates to you

i dont have bleeding around my bub but just to let you no prevous xperince they u/sound place is not meant to tell you that they are meant to contact you gyno and inform them......

try not to stress but speack to the gyno or doc ok........... good luck
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