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how do you know.... Lock Rss


I am expecting my first child in a few weeks time and I've been wondering how do you know when you're in labour? Thats probably a stupid question, but I've heard so many stories of what has happened with different people. Some people have their waters break straight away, others get a "show" first, but then I'm thinking, ok what if I go into lbour and I don't get a show till a lot later on or what if my waters don't break at all?
I'm probably being paranoid or something but I really don't know what to expect and need some help! I'm almost 37 weeks and I can feel a whole lot of changes in my body so I know its going to happen over the next few weeks, I'm just not sure what to expect.
can anyone help me out here?

Hey Bec and congratulations on the upcoming birth of your first born it is a very nervous and scary time when it is your first as you have no idea what is going on. I was 18 when i was pregnant with my son and i was 3 days late when i was booked into being induced, that night my body went into labour by itself. My waters never broke they had to be broken at hospital the following day. I went to bed the night before nice and early and woke up with some tightenings in my stomach best explained like period pain right across your belly. And they kept coming every 20-30 minutes or so and getting shorter in time. This was when i jumped into the shower which was great felt much easier when a contraction came and we ended up heading into the hospital at 3am. You will definalty know what contractions are when they come as they hurt but nothing too bad until much later on. Good luck and hope i have helped some way.....

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Hey Bec,

I was worried about the same thing. My waters didnt break nor did i get the show untill right at the end. But trust me you will know when it happens!! My contractions started long before i even relized what they where. About two days before i actually gave birth i had these pains and my tummy would go tight all over. I didnt think much of them as i didnt want to get my hopes up and they were not frequent. But each day they became stronger and more frequent. I didnt tell anyone untill the night before giving birth as thats when they begun to get really intense. My tummy would go very tight and i would get a big pain lasting for about 30 seconds. I started to time then and rang the mid wife. She was great and told me what i should do and when i should come in etc.
So just trust your instincts and go with the flow. Everybody is different and you will know when its time!
Good luck!!!

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