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Parents Lock Rss

My Mum emailed me today saying that she went out to the malls to look for baby stuff for a friend at work but ended up coming out with heaps of stuff for our bubs instead lol. They can be so cute lol. I mentioned to her that I wanted this mirror that hooks on the head rest of the back seats so that when the driver looks in the rear view mirror they can see what bubs is doing. My best friend in Canada uses one and she says it saves her so much time and resolves any worry issues (ie can see if something is wrong quickly). Mum also bought bibs and booties and mittens and spoons that change colour if the food is too hot. She's also looking at picking up an exer-saucer for bubs too which is great (no wheels so it's much safer then the walkers). I dont want to deter her from having her fun - but my partner and I aren't going to be buying anything until after the 12wk mark.

my mum was exactly the same!!!! the only thing is, she didnt stop (and still hasnt!) my partner and me only really bought the pram (of the big stuff). we had all good intentions to buy everything, but both our parents wanted to buy stuff. what ended up happening is i'd put laybys on (with every intention of paying them) and my mum or MIL would *steal* the docket and pay them off for us. i felt bad, so in the end i spoke to both of them and explained that i appreciate what they are doing, please dont feel that they have to, as we are going to buy things we need. they both understood that we didnt NEED them to buy everything, and we understood that they actually wanted to. does that make sense?!

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

We told everyone Xmas day(12wks) that we were having another baby. My parents were in Vic at the time. When they came back Mum had already bought something for the baby. It hasn't stopped since. I was going through putting things away that had been bought the other day as I am now finishing the bedroom for bubs. I rang Mum and asked her to hold off on buying anymore for bubs as we now have heaps and no more room!!!! She said she will now until bubs arrives (7wks to go). I guess what I'm saying is that if your Mum is going to buy then there won't be any stopping her, like mine!!!!

Enjoy it if you can!!!

Hey ladies!

My mum is at it again and went out and bought a cross stitch quilt that she's already started on and she also found the matching birth announcement to do up as well. She's much better at it then me so I'm leaving it to her.

To be honest my parents seem more excited then his but his mum has been friendly about it. I just dont think she is able to show excitement like I expect so I can't discredit her. His father though..... grrr. I won't get started.

I totally hear you in regards to lack of attention though - I've told my partner that with this child we are creating our OWN family that we can bring up in the way we wish we were. We want a close knit family so we plan on doing things very different then how both of our parents have done it.

My biological father will never have contact with our child and thankfully I have my mother's approval so I know he'll never be able to find a way to contact us (being on the otherside of the world helps!).

Hmmm just had a wee thought....

What do you gals reckon here...

my partner's father is getting married next year (bubs will be 2 months old thereabouts) and we'll be travelling over east to go to the wedding. Anyways...

We've never met his fiancee and I've never even spoken to her. We are in contact with my partner's mother so she will be Grandma and his dad would be Grandpa. I am wondering how his father will react to the fact that I dont want our child calling his wife Grandma?? It gets sooo confusing. I had many step parents when I was a child therefore many grandparents and I could never keep track. Havent broached this with my partner yet so not even sure what he thinks! In my family when my Grandfather remarried we called his new wife "Aunt Kathie". I just love little things like this!

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