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ITCHY!!!! Lock Rss

hi there,
just wondering if any body else has been extrememly itchy during pregnancy?
i have read that some woman do get itchy but in later stages,as i am only 23 weeks not sure if its normal.
my belly gets frustratingly itchy to the point i have left scratch marks all over,but my belly is covered in stretch marks (already)so though this is possibly the cause for that?
but my boobs get very very itchy as well...not just the nipples the whole boob.i put baby oil on whenever i have a shower but this doesnt seem to help much.
and finally i have a rash on the back of my neck that drives me is like brown blotchy looking and my GP says its dermatitis and to just apply moisturiser,but i have dermatitis on my fingers and it looks completely different.

well i think i have raved on enough ....look forward to hearing from you all:)smile whole stomach and my lower legs!

I have found 'Soov' (an itch cream with numbing anaesthetic in it) from the chemist works.
Or Bio Oil - for stretch marks but the oil makes your skin feel less tight.
hey kristy

Im 28weeks preg now n i started to get itchy around the same time as you did so i just applied plamers cocoa butter fomula that u can get from the chemist or supermarket.....its quite good....i put it on everytime i start to itch n it works n u can use it anywhere on ur body....

i hope this helps you..
if u would like to chat more here is my email add [email protected]


DS Aryan 30.07.06 & DS Tyreese 25.10.07 & DS Brayd

I have written about this before so the stuff below is cut and pasted from a past post - hope it helps...

I had an extremely itchy rash when I was about 18 weeks pregnant which started on my stomach and migrated down my thighs and up around my breasts. It also was a bit on my arms. The itching was unreal. So I became a bit of an expert on itchy rashes. Theses are a couple of rashes that can cause this in pregnancy

1. PUPPP - which basically means an itchy rash with raised bits. This is completely harmless though highly irritating. I think this is what I had and it eventually resolved itself though it took a few weeks - which is no help when you are itching like mad. This rash usually occurs in the third trimester beginning around stretch marks but my doctor rang a skin specialist and she said she had seen it in earlier in pregnancy also. I used calamine, pinetarsol and eventually got steroid cream prescribed. Honestly calamine was as good as anything. Antihistamines did nothing and I didn't really like taking them anyway. Occasionally in really bad cases they prescribe steroid tablets which are very effective and relatively safe. But its a case of the benefits outweighing the risk.

2. There is another rash called intrahepatic cholestasis which is more serious, though rare. It usually shows up in more strange places like the soles of the feet. It has something to do with the liver and can be easily ruled out by a liver function test (a simple blood test) -which I had just to be sure. It can be harmful to the baby and if this is the rash then the baby will need to be monitered more closely, so it is worth getting this simple test.

Both of these have loads of info on the internet

I am pleased to say that once it went away it never came back - which was my biggest fear.

I also get eczema on my fingers and it is definitely not the same!!

Good Luck - hope this helps


Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

I used Dermelastic serum in the last four weeks of my pregnancy when stretch marks showed up on the tip of my belly, and then continued post-delivery for 4-6 weeks and saw a HUGE improvement. You almost can't see them anymore! Not sure if it was the serum or just the way stretch marks work (was my first pregnancy), but I won't take any chances when I'm pregnant in the future. I'll definitely be using this serum again!
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