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When did you start wearing maternity clothes? Lock Rss

I am currently 29 weeks with my first pregnancy and I am yet to buy maternity clothes.
I was a size 8-10 before I was pregnant and now the only difference is that I am wearing Sz 12 pants instead of 10 and just need stretchier tops but still in my same size.
Did anyone find they never needed maternity gear at all?
hey there

im 28 weeks now n ive just bought some maternity tops cos like u i went from a 10 to a 12 in pant sizes... kmart n target have some really nice tops...


DS Aryan 30.07.06 & DS Tyreese 25.10.07 & DS Brayd

Hi i am 26 weeks preggas and started wearing maternity pants at about 22 weeks as i am quite small. i found a great pair of jeans at kmart that just have a band at the top, some of the others covered my whole stomach!!! I have not bought ant tops as i am just wearing normal t shirts or fitted tops which is ok. i did buy 1 top for "special" occassions!!!

mum of 2under2

I'm in my 9th week now and my clothes are getting too tight to wear. I went out and bought the Belly Belt to get me through until I'm way out there lol. I'd say within the next couple of weeks I will need to buy some maternity pants and tops.

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