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HELP on Natural Remedies, oils, etc... Lock Rss

Hi, im 19 and 15 weeks along with my first bubs.

Im rapped, and i want to try to be really natural about it all...

Does neone know what sort of oils are good for pregnant women... Like oils to burn, massage oils and even good lotions for my skin before and during birth???

I'm currently trying cocoa butter for stretch marks on my tummy.

And also, is there nething i can rub 'down there' to help me from tearing during birth (im terrified bout that!!)

Would GREATLY appriciate ANYONE who can help.
Thanks girls.

Amy, VIC. Due Dec 09

essintial oils should not be used in pregnancy. sweet almond oilrubbed into sore breasts will help with discomfort. I found this in a book about aromatherapy this was all it said about prgnancy.

Rylee 2 big brother to Tyler mummy angel boys

i can't really help with the oils thing, but i was told by the midwife (when preggers with DD) that while there is nothing that you can buy to stop you from tearing druing birth, when you are closer to your due date it is best to streach the little bit of skin that is just befre the opening. It may sound discusting and the idea may be discisting, but she swore by it. without going into too much detail, i was not torn in that area. If you don't want to do it, may I suggest that you get your partner to perform this before you have sexual intercourse , it a great way to nvolve him into 4 play if he doesn't like it.

Plus bonus, if you have a second child later on down the track, you don't have a higher chance of being torn as your body has a great memory about this even if you don't!

little monkeys

Check out this site, it's got some good info about natural therapies, hope it answers a few of your questions. Also, don't think it's listed there, but avoid lavender as it's a uterine relaxant, which you don't want early on!

KJ, QLD, DS Nikolas born 21/06/06

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