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Got hit in the belly - should I be worried? Lock Rss

I would definately call the hospital! Ive heard of girls falling on their belly when they're pregnant and all being okay but its better to get it checked out! I hope all is okay and i could imagine how scared you would be! Let us know how everything is. *hugs*
Hiya sweetie

I am almost positive that bubs is fine. Bubs is really well protected in there by fat, uterus and loads of fluid. But pop along to your midwife and get her to check just to ease your mind - I know you won't relax until you do. We do love these little muchkins way before they are even born.

Leanne, NZ, Ella age 2 & Sam age 6months

Hey Kroons,

Try not to stress too much, at 15 weeks bubs is still no higher than half way between your pubic bone and your belly button so if you were hit above your belly button bubs will be fine
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