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Finding out the sex of your baby Lock Rss

Hi girls,

Just wondering how many of you found out what you were having and how many of you kept it a suprise??? My hubby and i are in debate, I would love to keep it a suprise but hubby wants to know, blue or pink!!! LOL! And at around how many weeks can you tell? with number one ( over 10 yrs ago now) i asked to find out and at 18 weeks was told it looked like a girl but wasnt 100% sure, and i was having early contractions at 36 weeks so they put me in for another ultrasound and they asked if i knew what i was having ,of course i said yes!!! its a girl and the midwife replied <sorry hon, your having a boy!!!! lucky i didnt go and buy anything or tell anyone!!!!! hahahahahaah.

cheers kristy

Kristy mum to jamie and 4 month old imogen

Hi Kristy,
We found out at the 19 week scan what sex bub is, but have kept it a secret from everyone else. Even my 11 yr old son thinks we don't know. It's hard knowing but still calling bub "it" around others.
Most people ask if we know and when i say no, they have been pretty opinionated about not finding out, saying that it is best.
At each scan since finding out we have asked what sex, just to be sure!
I really wanted to know and i think it's great to be able to imagine what bub is going to be like, knowing what sex they are.
Maybe if your hubby is good at secrets he could find out but not tell you? i've heard of people doing this.
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Last week I had my 20 week scan and due to the fact I'm having twins and am so sick of buying white I had to know!! I was hoping for a boy in there and was devastated to learn I was having two girls. I think it was the build up to the big day.
I am now overjoyed and am revelling in buying up large on pink!!

My personality would never have allowed for me to wait until birth. We have decided to tell everyone as our family lives in NZ. We will defintely keep names to ourselves as I have learnt that when shared people feel free to make their opinions known.

Good luck with your decision, if you're happy to wait I think a surprise at the other end would be fantastic!!!

Mummy to 18 mnth old twin girls

Hi Kristy,

We definitely wanted to find out the sex of our bubs, unfortunately bubs had other ideas and when the sonographer finially got round to looking at 'that' area bubs was sick of wriggling and had it's ankles crossed and its little feet tucked up under its bum nicely blocking the view so we couldn't find out. I was told that bubs was measuring about a week smaller than my dates and as a result she was struggling to get a good look at the babys lower spine so was going to recommend that they send me for another scan in a couple of weeks so hopefully we will be able to find out then. I still think bubs is a boy but that could be wishful thinking. All the best and if you find out now you will still get a surprise, it will just come a little early and you still get the surprise of what your baby looks like and their personality at the birth.
Hi Kristy,

My husband and i found out for sure at about 18 weeks that we were having a girl. We only found out because i had to have an amneosentisis and they test the chromosones then. I couldnt help myself i had to ask. Hope everything goes well for you.

It took up until the day of the 20wk scan for my husband and I to decide to find out. There were a few reasons for us:
*I'm naturally curious, and I wanted to know if my gut feeling was right!
*It just didn't feel right for me calling Bub's "it" all the time!
*Our families are both interstate, and we didn't want to get sent a whole heap of yellow stuff!
*I wanted to start making a lot of the nursery things, and it's just easier when you have a direction to go in.

After we found out we called family and friends and gave them the choice to know, and everyone opted to find out. My great-grandmother had a bit of a dig at me for "giving in" and finding out, but then still asked to know...

KJ, QLD, DS Nikolas born 21/06/06

My hubby was determined not to know, so we didn't find out, even though we had 3 scans & could have. We both thought it was a boy so imagine our suprise when the midwife said, it's a girl! Second time around I don't want to know. I would like a boy this time but I remember that after going through labour I was so delighted it was a healthy baby, I didn't care what sex it was. We know people who found out sex & told everyone & what the name was going to be so on the day there was no surprise. I love surprises!!

Heidi, NZ, DD apr 05, DS apr 07

Hi Kristy

We found out at our 20 week scan that we're having a girl ... although the sonographer wouldn't commit 100% so we'll be sure to double check as I have another scan booked at 32 weeks! wink

It was still a surprise for us cos I had been dreaming <literally> of having a boy for months so had convinced myself she was a boy! I'm very glad we found out early because I feel better able to bond with bubs now that we can refer to her by name.

(We won't share the name with anyone until the birth though ... at least that much will remain a surprise for the rest of the family!)

Nicole - WA - Mummy to 2 Girls (16yrs & 9mths)

We found out the other day that we are having a boy. From the day I found out I was pregnant, he has been a HE!! my husband wanted a little girl so his grandmother could see the family name used but we will just have to hope the next littl one is a girl for her to see!!!

I was talking to my sister tonight and found it so hard calling him it or correcting myself after saying he....She has thought it was a boy as I told her I couldn't help but say he when I talked about him!!!

As long as he was healthy it didn't really matter to us...But we spent weeks deciding too and it wasn't until I was lying down getting th ultrasound that DH decided that he wanted to know.

He wasn't disappointed that we were having a boy, he couldn't stop smiling...I can just imagine he was thinking of all the things he can do with his little boy!! But I know the next one we have we will find out again.

As long as there is that little bundle of rewards at the end of the 9 1/2 months, I don't think it matters when you find out.

Hope you all have decided!! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancies
i found out what i was having simply just so we could get everything ready, so we didnt have to do any last minute preparations, and when bubby was born we could spend time and money on her, and not worry bout setting up things
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