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Have i put on too much weight??? Lock Rss

HI Everyone!

Im 20 yrs old and preg with bub #1, and i am worried about how much weight i should or shouldn't be gaining nad how much of it is actually baby weight, placenta, fluid etc.

I weights about 64 kgs wen i fell preg nad now weigh 73 kgs? Is this too mcuh?
I have a stepmum that thinks everyone who isnt stick thin is fat and she is constantly telling me i have put on "alot of weight" an that ill "really struggle to get rid of it" after bub is born. And that im on the border or just over for the amount of weight im "allowed" to gain.
Seeing i havent had any other pregnancies i dunno if i should be bothered about how much weight i should or shouldnt be gaining.
Also keep in mind that im 33 weeks preg and my partner is Maori if that makes any difference!
Please help! My hips feel like they cant take any more weight and the bottom of my tummy also has started getting stretch marks nad im constantly told that im "just going to get bigger".
Please help! i need to know if it ok to have gained so much or not! Please be honest!


Congrats on your pregnancy! I don't think you've put on to much weight. The healthy range I've heard is between 10 to 15 kilos. If your really concerned ask your midwife or doctor. Every pregnancy is different and I don't think there is a "right" amount of weight to put on. If you are really worried about loosing the weight afterwards don't forget your pelvic floor exercises as soon as you've had your little bubs. And think of the walks you can take bubs on afterwards. Introducing bubs to the world and whilst walking you can loose weight if you need to. My friend gained around 16 kilos and she walked out of the hospital 3 days after her little boy was born back in a size 8 jeans with no real weight to loose at all. I guess I'm just saying, don't worry about it. Just enjoy yourself as it is a life changing time in your life and you are sharing it with the ones closest to you and of course your bubs! Hope this helps!

Take care and good luck!

my 2 beautiful girls meena and hannah

First and foremost, Congrats on the baby!

I don't mean to sound rude but tell your step mum to back off. There is no real problem with gaining weight while being pregnant as many people loose a decent amout of this when they have their baby. Besides you have your mother's and father's genetics not hers so she has no clue what is so called acceptable for your body.

You said that your partner is Maori, I am not too sure and do not want to offend any person on this site but from what I have heard many Maori children are large so this could be a major factor with your body at the moment.

You have gained not ever 10 kilos and you are 33 weeks pregnant many women may tell you that you are lucky as some women that I know have gained roughly 15-20 kilos. Don't worry what your step mum says she has no clue or right for that matter to make you feel uncomfortable. From the sounds of it she may have body image issues that you just don't want or need right now.

little monkeys

hi jasmyn,
i really would not worry at all,you have put only 10kgs almost and you are 33 weeks.
my sister when pregnant with her first put on 30kgs,but she lost that not long after...not back to her original weight but healthy.
and i am 90kgs already and i am only 24weeks (i was 87kgs when i fell) so i am really dreading hitting 100kgs lol:) but my hubby still loves me and tells me i am beautiful so that is all that matters.
i say enjoy it while you can and worry about it once bub is born smile
Hi Jasmyn

I am 33wks pregnant also with my 4th baby. With my first I hardly looked pregnant. With my 2nd I gained 18 kilos & 3rd I gained 15kg. So far with this one I have put on the same amount of weight as you have.

It sounds like you are doing just fine. You are supposed to gain between 10 & 18kg when you are pregnant, but in saying that everyone is different. Some women don't put hardly any weight on at all and others put over 20kg on.

Keep doing what you're doing. You are doing well and tell that pesky stepmum to buzz off!!!!!!

Take Care

Here is a website that has a calculator to work out what weight range you should be in for your height and weight.

Dont take it too seriously though because you need to remember everyone is different. And you should never really rely on Height/Weight charts because they don't take into account your build, muscle % etc

Karen & Blake (8/11/2006)

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