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Pimples During Pregnancy Lock Rss

Hi, I am 20 weeks pregnant and loving it (must say the first 3 mths were not much chop though). Just wondering if there are any other mums to be out there who have experienced problems with pimples. Before I was pregnant I used to get the standard break out every month, but now I seem to get them quite oftern. But the worst thing is that I seem to have developed the problem on my back shoulder area and around the back of my neck. Never had a problem there before and it makes it difficult wearing tops that drop a bit at the back. Even on my chest bone area there are pimples and around the tops of my boobs.

Just wondering if anyone else has experinced this and if you know of anything that I can do to try and get it under control. Or if you know if they will simply go away once the baby arrives ?
Dont worry. I have had the same issue! I was one of the lucky ones who rarely got pimples (thanks to a japanese relative) but since being pregnant i have been getting heaps of pimples on my back. Unfortunately, i dont know how to get rid of them as i think they are just part of my hormones going crazy smile They have settled down a bit now (26 weeks) and think they should go away after bubs is here. Fingers crossed!
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