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How much should baby move? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I'm 37 weeks and not feeling as much movement from baby. I feel a light tap or poke once or twice where the feet are, and then that's it for a few hours.

I know some slowing down is normal as he/she runs out of room, but how often should I feel movements?



Hi there,

I can't remember exactly how much they should move sorry but I was always worried about my bubs when I didn't feel her. How long have you been feeling decreased movements for? I think when I was 40 weeks and had to keep going in for checks I was told I should feel a few movements every hour and if I didn't to either lay down or have a cold drink as this usually spurs them on.
If you are worried either try some techniques such as the above to coherce bubs to move or ring your midwife/ob just to check....its better than worrying and they would rather you find out then leave it.
But it is true that they slow down towards the end.

Take care and good luck with the birth smile
Hi i was told on Saturday night by the midwife if u don't feel at least 10 kicks in 12 hours then u should call your hospital, doctor etc. I am 27weeks but i was also told later on bub cant move around as much bcoz its getting cramped inside.
I hope this helps. Take care Becky**


hi beck, im 38 weeks this week and my midwife said as long as you feel your ten movements in 24 hrs this is ok. dont panic but if it makes you feel better go and have a chat to your care provider. my baby has her active times and quiet times to but every baby is diff. hang in there! good luck. XX

Are you lying down when your baby is moving. I was told that is the best way to feel them. And also you should even count the little flutters that you feel. They should move 10 times every hour but i was told that if it doesnt work the first time to have a light snack and try again as that could have been your babys sleep time. Hope everything goes well
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